Acer Swift X

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  • Made for gaming
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Fast performance
  • Great battery life
  • Good value for the price


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Great all-around value
Bottom line: I would recommend this laptop to anyone. It's a great all around machine; it's light and small enough to travel well, but powerful enough to handle Adobe/CAD/GIS software--and gaming! It's a great value for around $1000. The battery life is really impressive too. Pros: -Light -Long batt...
9 months ago
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I love the Swift X specs. 5800U and 3050ti but 14" is too small for me. I love what Lenovo and other manufacturers are doing with 16" QHD displays, but a 15/17 1080p would be enough. I'm not much of an avid gamer, but I like to game every once in a while, so I don't need much GPU power, just enough to run any game in mid detail 1080p, or something like that.
Requirement: College work (MS Office/CAD/CAE) and occational gaming + Good Battery + DualBoot into Linux/Win10. Based on that I have narrowed down on, Acer Swift X (5600U+RTX3050) and HP Victus 16 (5600H+RTX3050).
Acer is refreshing its ultraportable laptops
Acer is announcing updates to its Swift X line of ultraportable laptops at CES 2022, each sporting 12th Gen Intel Core processors and, on the 16-inch model, a discrete Intel Arc GPU.
The 2022 versions of the laptops come in two screen sizes (and both have a 16:10 aspect ratio): a 14-inch model with...
Jay Peters
7 months ago
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I'm looking to do schoolwork (browsing, note-taking etc.) and some moderate gaming, mostly AAA single-player games and some Warzone. Acer Swift X: $1,069 on Amazon, r7 5800u & 3050ti 40W.
Acer Swift X (AMD) Review
The latter fills a kind of neither-fish-nor-fowl niche—it's a bit heavier than an ultraportable and falls short of a full-fledged gaming rig or workstation—but it's a speedy compromise at a fair price. The Swift X doesn't earn Editors' Choice honors, but it definitely has its attractions, if you need a little bit more power (CPU and GPU alike) for the money in a mainstream machine
Eric Grevstad
7 months ago
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Student looking for school laptop that can also do some light gaming
The Acer swift X, a really great deal for an ryzen 7, 3050ti at or under 1k
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You might not think Acer's skinny Swift X laptop is powerful enough, but it is
Acer's Swift X laptop is a thin-and-light laptop that's designed for basic content creation as well as regular day-to-day tasks. Because it's thin and just 3.1 pounds (1
Joshua Goldman
7 months ago
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Laptop for aerospace engineer
Check out the Acer Swift X. It's a thin-and-light with good battery life, a 3050ti which is a pretty good GPU and a Ryzen 7 5th generation.
The Ars Technica System Guide, Spring 2021: Gaming Edition
Decent design with adequate cooling. Shipping times are reasonable, because they only seem to list configurations that they actually have.






Screen Size

14 Inches

Hard Disk Size

512 GB