Acebeam TK16

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  • Great for hunting varmits at night
  • Long lasting battery, easily clips to hat/clothing
  • Extremely bright
  • Recommend getting a battery charger to charge the included battery
  • Fast shipping and fantastic product


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The flashlight has only turned on twice
Despite charging the battery upon receiving the light and removing protective film, I have not been able to get the light to turn on more than twice. I followed the directions on unlocking, thinking that was the cause and even used a cr123 battery to see if the original Acebeam was l...
Michael S.
1 year ago
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I heard this community was awesome and gives great recommendations. I’ve been carrying this gifted Olight for a month and want an upgrade. (Details in comments)
Acebeam TK16 is like the Olight but with three LEDs and a tail click. You’ll need a separate charger, but it’s worth it in the long run.
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Acebeam TK16 AL Osram review - Pros and Cons (2022)
2019 3 x Osram KW CSLNM1.TG LED 1300 lm output 28500 cd intensity 1 x 16340 Li-Ion battery
The Acebeam TK16 AL Osram (TK16ALO) released in 2019. It uses 3 x Osram KW CSLNM1.TG LED, TIR reflector and 1 x 16340 Li-Ion battery. The powerful emitter in this flashlight provides up to 1300 lm output, 28...
4 months ago
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I'm throwing 16340 lights out the window because of their smaller capacity... Though the Acebeam TK16 is tempting since it otherwise fits the use case.
Too Floody.
Not enough Throw.
DENNIS D. in Moriarty, NM, USA
10 months ago
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Acebeam TK16 / Triple Osram Emitters
Small, lightweight 16340 pocket light; easily carried without adding bulk to pocket of dress slacks. Light is solidly built, to close tolerances. There are several choices of emitters and color temperatures: I selected Osram emitters because I wanted a light with a relatively narrow hotspot that eas...
David M.
2 years ago
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If it's not too embarrassing, what is your most disappointing flashlight purchase?
Acebeam TK16. I bought it to be a handy thrower to live in my vest to see dark corners in construction work. It seems like it’s always giving weird flashes and stepdowns every time I pull it out to use it despite repeated charges, contact cleaning, and keeping it in constant mechanical lockout. I had high hopes for it to be a good little EDC and it’s been so disappointing that I don’t even carry it anymore.
Review: Acebeam TK16 - a small EDC triple with a tail e-switch and high CRI
The pocket clip has a tight friction fit and will never come off by accident. As usual, Acebeam makes a well-constructed light.
4 months ago
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16350 lights
The Acebeam TK16 is my choice in this space.
There is also the twisty Foursevens Mini MkIII
There is also the HDS and McGizmo in this size cell, but I gather it’s not quite what you’re looking for since you seem to be after small lights.
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Pocket power phenom
The Acebeam TK16 Oxfam version is unbelievable. Having a preference for single emitter flashlights I was a little reluctant to purchase this with its e emitters but, the beam distance numbers were such that I had to see for myself. I could not be happier. Without question the Acebeam TK16 lives up t...
Steve M.
2 years ago
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