Sonos Arc vs Vizio M-Series M512a-H6

Great Dolby Atmos performance
Room correction feature for optimized audio
Compatible with Alexa and Airplay
Premium design
Wide and immersive soundstage
Great value for the price
Versatile performance with support for Dolby Atmos content
Discrete surround speakers for a solid movie-watching experience
Granular audio controls for adjusting bass and subwoofer levels
Deep, thumpy low-bass suitable for action movies and bass-heavy music
Not always easy to set up
Some users have experienced issues with sound quality
Connectivity and compatibility with TVs may be problematic for some users
Not all users have reported a 3D sound environment from the upfiring speakers as advertised
Some users have reported connectivity issues
Not as high quality as more premium soundbars on the market


Overall, the Sonos Arc receives mixed reviews. Many users praise its impressive Dolby Atmos performance and room correction feature, as well as its compatibility with Alexa and Airplay. However, some users have had difficulty setting it up and have experienced issues with sound quality, particularly with distorted bass and muffled sound. Some users also note that it may not be a significant improvement over other Sonos products or older sound systems. Additionally, there have been some complaints about connectivity and compatibility with TVs. Despite these mixed reviews, the Sonos Arc remains a popular choice for those looking for a smart soundbar with Dolby Atmos capabilities.


Overall, the Vizio M-Series M512a-H6 is a great soundbar for those on a budget, offering a versatile performance with support for Dolby Atmos content and discrete surround speakers. The subwoofer delivers a deep, thumpy low-bass suitable for action movies and bass-heavy music, and there are granular audio controls for adjusting the bass and subwoofer levels. However, some users have reported issues with connectivity and the upfiring speakers not creating a 3D sound environment as advertised. Despite these drawbacks, the Vizio M-Series M512a-H6 remains a solid choice for those looking for a quality soundbar under $500.

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