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Sonos Arc

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One of the best soundbars you can buy — if your TV supports Dolby Atmos
But if you’ve got a TV that supports Atmos over HDMI ARC — and if that TV is in a conventionally shaped room — the Arc delivers immersive sound that will help enhance your favorite movies and TV shows far beyond the lower-priced Beam. It’s the Atmos soundbar to beat if you’re invested in the Sonos ecosystem.
Chris Welch
7 months ago
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Consumers and pro critics alike have been heaping high praise on the sound of the Sonos Arc Atmos soundbar, so I won't go further other than to say that I completely agree. I had a pre-order in for my Arc soundbar and had it upon release before it quickly sold out everywhere. The BIG question is whe...
Charles Nordlander
2 years ago
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IKEA + Sonos Picture Frame AMA
I went by my local IKEA and they had them on the floor showroom, so I picked them up to pair with my Sonos ARC as surrounds. I don’t know if IKEA was suppose to sell these quite yet, but figure I post in case anyone has questions. They sound great, on par with the One SLs I had before.
The optional feet lift the TV enough that the Sonos Arc does not cut into the display at all. It reaches into the bottom bezel, but none of the actual screen is blocked. I know I saw someone asking this somewhere a few weeks ago and I was wondering the same.
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The Arc has increased £100 to £899 making a great but expensive product much less appealing. The One SL has increased from £179 to £199 and the biggest surprise of all is the Sub (Gen 3) has increased to £749 which was already a really hard sell for most at £699. Sonos make great products and the new announcements are great but a price hike like this I believe will be a huge turn off for many consumers.
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Sonos Arc review: The all-in-one Atmos soundbar to beat
If your shoplist includes a single "smart" sound bar that does Dolby Atmos, then the Sonos Arc is the model to beat.
Ty Pendlebury
4 months ago
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I am now switched to ATV4k > Sync Box > Arcana > TV + EARC to Sonos Arc. The Atmos is showing in the Sonos App for movies and it sounds way better than the other setup did. It works great with the sync box/lighting as well, creating a really cool home theater setup.
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Sound is amazing. Would have given it 5 stars except for the fact that the white sound bar which I specifically purchased for my white cabinetry has a black power cord. Very poor design.
1 year ago
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Sonos Arc review: this soundbar sounds simply fantastic
95 and the Samsung Q800T costs £799.VerdictThe Sonos Arc is a big, sleek, premium soundbar that sounds every bit as good as you’d expect from a £799 speaker.It looks the part
4 months ago
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So I've been using my Sonos arc connected to CX via EARC through HDMI to my windows 10 PC, using Dolby access app and enabling Dolby Atmos for home theatre. It performs fine, when playing Atmos content or games it properly outputs Atmos, when outputting 5.1 it properly outputs LPCM 5.1 multichannel.



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Dimensions (L x Hx xD)

44.95 x 3.43 x 4.56" (126.873 x 8.7 x 11.5cm)