Rega Planar 3 vs Technics SL-1200

Great sound quality
Versatile and upgradeable
Excellent value for its price range
Quality included cartridge
Great performance and full sound
Built to last
Not all users may appreciate the potential for the turntable to become a "money pit"
Some users mention the delicate cueing lever as a minor drawback
None mentioned
Not as refined as some modern hi-fi turntables
Some clones may have issues with anti-skate and tonearm
Can be expensive compared to other turntables in its price range


The Rega Planar 3 receives overwhelmingly positive reviews, with many users praising its versatility and upgradeability. The sound quality is consistently described as excellent, with many users noting significant improvements over their previous turntables. Some users mention the potential for the Planar 3 to become a "money pit" due to its upgradeability, but overall, the turntable is considered a top value in its price range. The included cartridge is also praised for its quality. Some users mention the delicate cueing lever as a minor drawback, but this is a minor issue compared to the overall quality of the turntable.


The Technics SL-1200 is a highly regarded turntable among audiophiles, offering exceptional performance and a full sound. It is built to last and is considered a great mid-fi turntable. The turntable is often paired with high-quality cartridges and preamps to produce non-fatiguing sound with impressive soundstage and dynamics. While some clones of the SL-1200 have been reported to have issues with anti-skate and tonearm, the original Technics SL-1200 remains a top choice for those looking for a quality turntable. It is often recommended for DJs due to its high torque and durability. The SL-1200 is also considered a great value for its price range, with newer models like the SL-1200 mk7 offering the lowest wow and flutter of any turntable in its price range. Overall, the Technics SL-1200 is a highly recommended turntable for those looking for exceptional performance and durability.


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