Logitech G305 vs Xtrfy MZ1

Great performance for its price
Comfortable egg-shaped design for claw or fingertip grip
Precise sensor with low liftoff distance
Good battery life
Well-built and sturdy
Great shape for fingertip and claw grip
Flexible cable with stress relief to reduce cable drag
Crisp and fast clicks
Solid weight distribution
Precise sensor placement
Not comfortable for those with larger hands or who prefer a palm grip
No RGB lighting
Some users have reported issues with ghost clicks
Not ideal for those with larger hands
Some users have experienced shaking in the mouse wheel during quick movements
Stock feet are rough


Overall, the Logitech G305 is a budget-friendly wireless gaming mouse that offers solid performance and a comfortable egg-shaped design. It has a precise sensor, low liftoff distance, and good battery life. However, it lacks RGB lighting and may not be comfortable for those with larger hands or who prefer a claw or palm grip. Some users have reported issues with ghost clicks, but Logitech's customer service has been praised for their quick and easy replacements. Despite its downsides, the Logitech G305 is a popular choice for gamers on a budget who want a reliable wireless mouse.


Overall, the Xtrfy MZ1 receives positive reviews for its unique shape and comfortable grip, making it a great option for fingertip and claw grip users. The cable is flexible and the stress relief helps reduce cable drag. However, some users have experienced issues with the mouse wheel shaking during quick movements and have noted that the stock feet are rough. Despite these minor issues, the MZ1 is praised for its crisp and fast clicks, solid weight distribution, and precise sensor placement. It is recommended for those who prioritize comfort and control in their gaming experience.

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