Ibanez TS808 vs JHS Bonsai

Great sound, especially through tube amps
Can produce both crunchy and smooth tones
Legendary status and highly regarded in the guitar community
Beautiful design
Can be used for a variety of applications, including Uni-Vibe sounds
Great versatility, covering a wide range of tube screamer type pedals in one box
Ability to tighten up playing and add warmth and mid bump to single coil pickups
Excels at higher gain Marshall rock tones and works well with different amps
Not transparent, adds background noise to amp
Some reviewers have experienced radio interference or defects
Not as effective with humbuckers and P90s
Overdrive can be quite dark
Chords may sound muffled when playing rhythm due to midrange heaviness


The Ibanez TS808 is a highly regarded and legendary pedal that is known for its crunchy and smooth sound. It is often used as an overdrive with a subtle tremolo effect, but can also produce Uni-Vibe sounds. While it is expensive, many players believe it is worth the investment. However, some reviewers have noted flaws such as background noise and radio interference. Overall, the TS808 is a classic pedal that is a must-have for any pedal board, especially for those playing through a tube amp.


Overall, the JHS Bonsai receives positive reviews for its ability to cover a wide range of tube screamer type pedals in one box. It is praised for its versatility and ability to tighten up playing. Some reviewers note that it excels at higher gain Marshall rock tones and is great for playing with different amps. However, some reviewers mention that it may not work as well with humbuckers and P90s and that the overdrive can be quite dark. Despite this, the JHS Bonsai is highly recommended for those looking for a comprehensive tube screamer pedal.


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