Glock 40 vs Ruger LCP

Great reliability
Suitable as a bear gun
Positive trigger feedback
Recommended for hog hunting
Great budget-friendly option
Compact and lightweight for easy concealment
Low recoil and easy-to-load magazine
Not equipped with a safety
Some users find the recoil to be lacking
Requires proper handling and storage to prevent accidental discharge
Not ideal for those with concerns about quality control issues
Some users have reported failure to extract issues
Not suitable for those who prioritize caliber over size and weight


Overall, the reviews for the Glock 40 are positive. Many users appreciate its reliability and suitability as a bear gun. However, some users note that it lacks a safety and needs to be holstered or unloaded at all times. The trigger is also praised by some users. There are some mixed opinions on the recoil, with some hoping for more and others finding it manageable. The Glock 40 is recommended by some as a good option for hog hunting. Overall, the reviews suggest that the Glock 40 is a reliable and popular choice for a handgun.


The Ruger LCP is a popular and affordable option for those looking for a compact and lightweight pistol for self-defense. It has a low recoil and easy-to-load magazine, making it a good starting point for those new to firearms. However, there have been concerns about quality control issues and failure to extract. It is important to research and consider the physical size and caliber when choosing a carry gun. Overall, the Ruger LCP is a viable option for those looking for a budget-friendly and easily concealable firearm.


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