Fluance RT82 vs Pro-Ject Debut III

Great sound quality
Ease of setup
Solid build
Included cartridge with option for stylus upgrades
Value for money
Great sound quality
Quality build and construction
Large plinth and heavy steel platter for better performance
Simple and easy to operate
Recommended as a good entry-level turntable
Not all accessories may be included
Minor design flaws (e.g. tone arm lift placement)
Exclusive color option may not be appealing to all customers
Not very feature-rich
Some design flaws, such as the anti-skate weight and potential oil leak
May require upgrades or modifications to reach full potential


Overall, the Fluance RT82 turntable receives positive reviews for its sound quality, ease of setup, and solid build. Many reviewers appreciate the included cartridge and the option for stylus upgrades. Some reviewers mention missing accessories or minor design flaws, but these do not detract from the overall positive experience. The RT82 is recommended as a great entry-level turntable for those new to the hobby or returning after a hiatus.


Overall, the Pro-Ject Debut III receives mixed reviews, with some praising its sound quality and build, while others criticize its design flaws and lack of features. It is generally recommended as a good entry-level turntable, but with the caveat that it may require upgrades or modifications to reach its full potential. The Debut III is often compared favorably to other Pro-Ject models and is considered a solid choice for those on a budget.


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