Zowie ZA13

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  • Great for palm grip
  • Build quality is exceptional
  • Lightweight
  • Good for small hands
  • Excellent shape


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Not possible to palm grip
I can't help but feel like the designers of this mouse hadn't actually tried to use the mouse in palm grip, or otherwise that it was designed for very small hands. I have *very* average, unmanly, dare I say *normal* hands and it is not possible to palm grip this mouse at all. It's just not long enou...
10 months ago
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Zowie ZA13-C Review
My build quality on this copy was very, very good. I did not have the side flex issue, but please keep that in mind, because a whole lot of people have reported that i definitely like the size and dimensions of the mouse, and if it was wireless, it could potentially be my main mouse. I am still maining the pulsar x, light with glass skates, and that is still something that is going strong for me, uh, so not going to swap over to the za-13c as my main, but again definitely one of the best three shapes i have tried to date And certainly a very highly recommendable mouse definitely a shape that i would put in a tier range of um the shapes that have released to market through present date, at least as far as all the ones that i have tried, which is uh a whole heck of A lot so i hope that helped guys if it did please leave a subscription to the channel and i'll see you guys in the next review
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5 months ago
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So glad I listened to my gut and bought this myself
I initially decided to buy this mouse because i wanted a similar size as the razer mamba wireless i had before purchasing the logitech g pro. It's lighter than the razer mamba but still has a similar size that i like for my hand. I really love this mouse as it is really great for my hands (my hands ...
1 year ago
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It's not a bad mouse, and incredible value at the price, but from the hype and reviews from others I was expecting it to be absolutely god tier and perfect in every way. I've used the regular viper, and many other smaller mice (za13, UL2, Model O-, MM710, Mira S along with about 12 more mice in general) and I just felt that ignoring value i preferred the majority of the others. I've tried really hard to love it and it's just a solid mouse at a great price, rather than anything amazing.
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How come there isn't a lightweight Zowie S or ZA yet !?!??
The ZA13 is the best shape I've ever used and I cannot wait for the day when someone makes a lightweight clone of it
Zowie ZA12/ZA13-C Mouse Review! SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST? (shocking)
Well, specifically, the za 13c for my hand, size because the zh-12, as i mentioned a bit before it just feels bulky and very large. I honestly couldn't imagine who the za-11 is for, because i have large hands and this mouse already feels quite bulky um. It is better suited for palm grip than the z813 and the only like hand size
5 months ago
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You know why you’re here
You probably used a Zowie before yes. You probably used a ZA13 before yes. Well this is a new better one. Bloody get it. I freakin love it
2 years ago
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XM1r vs Zowie ZA12-B/ZA13-B in 2021?
I've personally had both mice before, and I must say that the ZA13 worked great for my grip claw grip (18x10cm). Size-wise, the ZA12 is definitely more similar to the XM1, but the hump really can't be compared.
Need an upgrade from the S2.
I have near same hand size, slightly larger, but prefer the ZA13. I have za11-13 and an S1. My grip is basically identical to yours, so I know exactly what you're talking about when you're saying it doesn't feel "as long" it's inherently the shape of the S series zowie's.
Love everything about this mouse just excellent
2 years ago
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