Zowie FK1

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  • Great for someone with larger hands
  • Wonderful cord
  • No mouse clutter
  • As comfortable as the G502


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- No mouse clutter - As accurate as my G502 - Great feeling on a large hand - Wonderful cord Cons
TL;DR - I highly suggest this mouse for someone with larger hands and a need for a relaxing, spacious mouse face. Pros: - No mouse clutter - As accurate as my G502 - Great feeling on a large hand - Wonderful cord Cons: - Wish it had an aim button like my G502 (button that allows temporary DPI reduct...
6 years ago
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Zowie FK-C Series Review(FK1-C Is Goated)
And I'm pretty sure it would be the same for the other FK mice.. The difference between the three FK mice is that the FK1 is the biggest
Too Much Tech
5 months ago
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Great Mouse with One Dealbreaker
So this mouse is great in almost every way except 1. It's lightweight, it's ergonomic, it tracks incredibly well, the sensitivity adjustment is clever and effective, it's driverless, BUT the scroll wheel is complete utter trash. The scroll wheel on this mouse simply does not work at all. It's a pseu...
Hank F
5 years ago
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Zowie EC3-C with paracord and 24-step scroll wheel announced
People shit on Zowie, but I have to hand it to them they're the only mouse company that offers such a wide variety of shapes and sizes. I have large hands and claw grip. The FK1+ is the only mouse on the market that fits me like a glove.
I use Zowie mice mainly for (FPS) gaming. I used the EC2-A for almost a year before I bought the FK1. In theory since the EC series are ergonomically designed, they should allow for better aiming precision but that was not true in my experience. I found that the EC works best with a palm/claw hybrid...
4 years ago
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I do have an addiction
Good shape, weight, i love it. The fact that i have it connected at all time on my pc, it does say a lot about this mouse.
Ain't for me.
I read a lot about this mouse before I purchased it. I wanted something that would be a little better for fingertip grip than the G502 on which I had the issue where my thumb would slid up into the side buttons and I would have to reposition. I enjoyed most everything else about the G502 and the wei...
Steven N
4 years ago
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PERFECT mouse for using with a fingertip grip!
Before I get into the review, I'm just going to come right out and say that, if you have small-average sized hands and are looking for a comfortable mouse to use with a fingertip grip, GET THIS MOUSE! Now, onto the review. So, before I finally made the decision to buy this mouse, I poured through a ...
Jamez C
5 years ago
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Good mouse
Pros: Good shape Built well Flexible cord Plug and play Good sensor Cons: Mouse buttons take some getting used to Changing settings is convoluted Scroll wheel feels low quality This is a quality mouse. It's truly ambidextrous, having mouse 4 and mouse 5 on both sides (only one pair works at a time, ...
Devin S.
4 years ago
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Finally found my endgame after two years of searching.
It feels perfectly molded to my 18.5 x 9.5 hands and it’s the most comfortable mouse I think I have used. I wish I had tried this out earlier as I’ve tried multiple mice such as the deathadder, g305, g703, gpw, pulsar Xlite, Zowie fk1, Zowie za-13, roccat burst pro and the rival 310 and a few others.


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