Vizio V Series V51x-J6

Vizio V Series V51x-J6

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Great value for money
Versatile overall performance
AUX In port for voice assistant-enabled devices
Balanced, neutral sound profile
Discrete surround speakers
Not the best for music
Difficult to set up and get working properly
No Dolby Atmos support


The Vizio V Series V51x-J6 is a budget-friendly 5.1 soundbar that offers versatile overall performance, making it suitable for listening to everything from music to movies to TV shows. It comes with an AUX In port for voice assistant-enabled devices, meaning you can plug them into the bar for voice assistant support. Its balanced, neutral sound profile makes it suitable for listening to lots of different types of audio content, and it even comes with discrete surround speakers. However, some users have reported difficulty setting up the system and getting it to work properly.


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