Vizio SB46312-F6

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  • Great for watching movies
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Good sound quality overall
  • Works well with Vizio TVs
  • Solid bass


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Top reviews

So so sound bar
I wouldn't order this again. I have a Vizio TV, which has no issues, so figured a Vizio soundbar would work flawlessly with the same brand TV. That is not the case. The issues I experience with this are: 1. When listening to anything Dolby, it takes a second or two for the soundbar to switch to the ...
2 years ago
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Vizio SB36512-F6 review: This is the Dolby Atmos sound bar you should buy
The sound bar and subwoofer's blend was excellent.With Mad Max, the effects flying overhead and across the room via Atmos' height channel really did make a nice difference. The front to rear channel speakers' seamless coherence put right us inside the sound mix
Ty Pendlebury
4 months ago
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VIZIO M512A-H6 vs Elevate?
The Elevate is among the top-sounding Atmos bars. Vizio SB46312-F6 is a less expensive and proven Atmos alternative if sticking to that brand that personally is scarily unreliable with its tvs. I'm hoping it doesn't spill on their bar gear.
Vizio SB36512-F6
Its sound quality is quite good, with a neutral sound profile but with a bit of extra bass. The bar can get loud enough for all types of content, but the height speakers aren’t as loud as the other speakers, meaning it can be hard to hear the height sound effects. On the upside, this soundbar has lots of connectivity options, but the surround speakers need to be wired to the wireless sub
Jean-Simon Bonneterre
4 months ago
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Awesome Soundbar!!
This soundbar has a Great sound & Incredible bass!!!!
2 years ago
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Poor Unstable Connection with worst audio quality
This looked good, but have a hard time connecting and staying connected to my tv. For no reason, it does not emit any sound.
When pairing with my mobile for bluetooth, once it connected this was working well and the next day it does not connect that easy. I have to go to pair mode and redo and if I...
1 year ago
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Dolby Atmos Content Sounds Amazing!
I installed the 3.1.2 sound bar in our outside patio area (under cover with 8' ceiling) to a Samsung QLED TV and it sounds great! Now I can enjoy Dolby Atmos media through Netflix, Amazon Prime and others. To maximize Dolby Atmos available media, I connected it up to the Apple TV 4K. Best thing I co...
Dan K.
4 years ago
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Wonderful Sound System
Everything about this sound system is great. The set up took very little time, it paired seamlessly with my Vizio television, and it sounds like a dream. The first time you turn it on, you need to play the Dolby Atmos "Horizon" Demo - you will be blown away.
Brian M.
3 years ago
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Vizio Off
It's A Nice Soundbar, But It Will Shut Off, When you Pause The TV for Just a Few Minutes. The Best Way to Turn it back on, is to Disconnect the Power. This will be the First, And Last Vizio Product I'll Ever Buy.
1 year ago
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VIZIO SB46312-F6-46 3.1.2
Hi this vizio sb46312, f6 46 inches 3.1.2 home theater sound system with dolby atmos and wireless subwoofer
TV and Home Theater System
4 months ago
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System Components

2 speakers, subwoofer, sound bar

Speaker Type


Frequency Response

40 - 20000 Hz

Max Output Level (Max SPL)

101 dB