Velka 7

Velka 7

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Great size and portability for a gaming setup
Sturdy and durable steel construction
Ample air flow vents for cooling
Clean design with options for handles
Comparable to other popular SFF cases
Not recommended for beginners due to difficulty in building and limitations in GPU thickness
Some minor QC issues reported
Price may be a bit high for some budgets


Overall, the Velka 7 is a well-built and sturdy case that is great for those who need a small and portable gaming setup. However, it can be challenging to build in and has some limitations in terms of GPU thickness. It is recommended to measure everything before purchasing and to have some experience with building PCs. Despite some minor QC issues, the case is generally praised for its size, design, and ample air flow vents. It is also noted that the case is made of steel, which adds to its weight but also makes it more durable for travel. The Velka 7 is compared favorably to other popular SFF cases like the DanCase A4, Louqe Ghost S1, and FormD T1. Overall, the Velka 7 is a great option for those who prioritize portability and space optimization in their gaming setup.


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