Aklla A4 Pro

Aklla A4 Pro

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Great build quality
Premium look
Fits larger components
Potential for future custom water cooling
Integrated water cooling version with window panel
Not all panels may have consistent color
Cable management may be challenging in some areas
Shipping costs may be high for some customers


Overall, the Aklla A4 Pro receives positive reviews for its solid build quality, premium look, and ease of building. Some reviewers note minor issues with panel color and cable management, but these do not detract from the overall positive experience. The case is praised for its ability to fit larger components, such as a 3080Ti GPU and 280mm AIO, and its potential for future custom water cooling. The integrated water cooling version is also well-received for its window panel. Some reviewers mention considering the Aklla A4 Pro as an alternative to the Ghost S1, while others are waiting for more reviews on a new case. Shipping costs may be a concern for some, especially for those living far from China.


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