Progressive Desk Solo Ryzer

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  • Great for gamers
  • Compact design
  • Three stages of height adjustment
  • Dual motors for stability
  • Compatible with most tabletops


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Progressive Desk Solo Ryzer Standing Desk Review
Richmond, BC-based Progressive Desk, an offshoot of Arlington, WA, USA-based linear actuator components importer and integrator Progressive Automations (and a sister offshoot of Progressive Bed). Launched in 2019 as a desk manufacturer primarily focused on the Canadian market, Progressive Desk is ac...
4 months ago
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2) Progressive Desk Solo Ryzer (72x30): Wider desk (which is better), similarish price, and has the range I need. Fewer reviews online though.
Canadian looking to purchase 80 x 30 ... need advice
Progressive Desk Solo Ryzer may fit the bill. I'm in Victoria and have been looking into frames for a similar size. I'm looking to go a bit deeper than you are, probably 36" which Progressive has confirmed will be fine with this frame.
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Top 7 Best Electric Standing Desks in Canada 2022
And three, the desk seems heavy-duty, it’s sturdy, strong, and doesn’t wobble. From the frames to the desk, you won’t be able to say that there is anything cheap about it. Everything is well made and well constructed
Need help choosing an L-shaped desk
Check out corner rzer from Progressive Desk. I have one and it is great. Nice and sturdy, I feel safe with thousands of dollars of computers on it. Will run you around your budget or a bit over.
What is up with the reliability of these companies?
Awesome experience with Progressive Desk. Solid desk that arrived within 2 weeks
Hello. I need help picking a desk. My work will %100 expense the HM Nevi OR I can claim another through my wellness spending. I'm in western Canada and have no idea what to pick. Please halp :)
Progressive Desk Canada’s Solo Ryzer is around half the price, reliable, has a 15 year warranty and from what I hear the customer support is top-notch. Ordered just the frame myself for around $500 and had no issues so far.
Progressive desk vs Fully Jarvis standing desk (72x30) showdown - Should you go for a Classic Standing Desk or an Edgy One? INOVA Furniture Ltd
While Fully Jarvis has always been a crowd-pleaser, there’s a standing desk coming up to its rank. The Progressive desk may not have a lot of user reviews online yet but it’s not really a new kid on the block, because it has been around for 10 years. But it is slowly catching the eye of gamers.
4 months ago
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Timotion vs Kaidi
I got a Progressive Desk Solo Ryzer. Absolutely love it. Solid quality. They ship from Vancouver so I got it within a few days of ordering.
Standing desk recommendation in Canada
Progressive Desk is the way to go. They sell excellent frames for a steal of a price that can support up to 74 inches in length and over 200 pounds. They have a wide variety of models but the Solo Ryzer seems to be the best bet.


Desktop Dimensions

55"L x 23.5"W

Desktop Height Range

27.5" - 46"

Desktop Weight Capacity

85 lbs.

Shelf Dimensions

55"L x 12"W