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  • Great for people with small hands
  • One-stroke plunger mechanism draws over 2ml of ink with ease
  • There have already been
  • Eco and the Diamond 580, to be specific


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TWSBI Vac700R Fountain Pen Overview
Besides the obvious use of writing, the most exciting aspect of the Vac700R is the filling mechanism. The one-stroke plunger mechanism draws over 2ml of ink with ease. For a cleaner, quicker fill, TWSBI designed the Vac 20 ink bottle to work specifically with the Vac700R and Vac Mini fountain pen.
4 months ago
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What are your unpopular fountain pen opinions?
However I like to have one of each model, not every color of the same pen. I stay away from the others but the TWSBI VAC700R has perked my interest if I could find a fine specimen used at a respectable price with the wrench.
1 year ago
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Fixed all issues it's predecessor had.
This pen is gigantic. I don't have exact measurements, but people with small hands need not apply. Check out their Vac mini if you want a vacuum mechanism. The flow and wetness that were big issues in the first iteration of the VAC 700 are completely resolved in the VAC 700R. The only time I've had ...
Spanky McGibbon
3 years ago
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Pen Review: TWSBI Vac700R — The Gentleman Stationer
The TWSBI Vac700R is a great example of why the pen community loves TWSBI - they iterate on their designs in response to user feedback, constantly seeking to improve their pens in order to offer a better writing experience. Their ability to do this while keeping the price point below $100 continues to amaze me.
TWSBI Vac700 Review — The Pen Addict
That says a lot about the pen, but also how awesome Becky is. Thank you!She sent me the Smoke model with a bold nib and my first impressions on the feel and appearance were positive. It's no secret I am a TWSBI fan, so I knew I would like a lot about what the Vac700 had to offer
4 months ago
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Fountain Pen Review: TWSBI VAC700R Iris | Mr Bullfinch
I have read on the interwebs that the VAC700R Iris edition is all but sold out in TWSBI’s retail network. So if my epistle has whet your whistle and you’re considering an acquisition, I recommend the TWSBI on-line store as your first port of call.
4 months ago
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twsbi and pilot are my favourite brands and i just love the innovation of twsbi. They have good choices between more metal/heavier pens (580ALR) as well as different filling mechanisms (swipe using cartridge/converter/eyedropper and vac700r).
TWSBI Vac 700 R - Fountain Pen Review - Scrively - note taking & writing
There have already been some TWSBI reviews on these pages here – the Eco and the Diamond 580, to be specific. A third model that seems to be pretty popular among fountain pen folks is the vacuum-filling Vac 700 that has recently been re-released in an updated version with some improvements on the in...
4 months ago
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TWSBI Vac700R Fountain Pen
Now with even more consistent ink flow when valve is opened.
Simply pull up, push down and your ink is filled, ready to go.
Vacuum filler type fountain pen.
Also designed with a ink shut off valve for easy carry and no spill mess.
Comes in EF, F, M, B, Stub 1.1 nibs.
4 months ago
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Love this thing
Great Build quality.
5 months ago
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