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  • Great for the price
  • Pen is slightly drier than the Eco, so it writes similarly to an EF
  • Barrel of the pen is not as flexible as other pens in its price range
  • Cap can be hard to remove and replace


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Read this before getting the EF
TL;DR: The TWSBI Go runs slightly drier than the TWSBI Eco; therefore, the F on a TWSBI Go writes similarly to a TWSBI Eco EF. I am an advent TWSBi user. I owned multiple TWSBI Ecos, 580ALs, 580Al, VAC700R, and 580s. After hearing the TWSBI Eco and TWSBI Go will be sharing the same feed and nib, I h...
3 years ago
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TWSBI GO Clear Fountain Pen Review — The Pen Addict
I've owned a lot of TWSBIs, and so far all of mine have been wet writers. This pen has its flaws, but on a flaws to dollars ratio, it's still coming up as a great value. I reach for it often and I've recommended it to a number of people. I'm recommending it to you, too, right now, with the disclaimer that it is certainly not for everyone.
4 months ago
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Rumor has it there is still a rare breed of people who don't yet own a TWSBI Eco on r/fountainpens, though they slowly face extinction ~ (NPD)
I have tons of piston fillers that look kind of like that so I don't need another. Than a TWSBI Go came up on sale and, well, just this once. Works like advertised and writes great.
1 year ago
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What fountain pen unexpectedly wowed you the most?
I’ll say it, it gets a lot of crap, but the TWSBI Go. I got it for a friend who’s a sterile lab technician and needed a cheap fountain pen that she could spray and/or wipe with chlorhexidine and q.ammonium disinfectants before taking them into the lab. I was going to let her ink it up first but ITS JUST SITTING HERE ALL UNLOVED AND UNINKED… so I inked it with some Birmingham Copper Chloride, and wrote a bit with it. The F nib was a true F, was shockingly smooth for the price (even for double the price), the flow was perfect, and it handled remarkably well in-hand.
1 year ago
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TWSBI GO Fountain Pen Review — A Better Desk
Overall, the TWSBI GO fountain pen is a competent addition to the $20 and under category.
4 months ago
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I was looking for a budget demonstrator (sub $25), but all the big names are really expensive. I'm looking at the Majohn M2 and C1, which I both really like. Which should I pick, or is there another option I should consider?
TWSBI “Go” is $10-15 and a super nice writer. (No clip so be aware)
1 year ago
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So Ugly It's Cute? My Thoughts on the TWSBI Go — The Gentleman Stationer
The TWSBI Go is not “attractive” in the traditional sense - it’s neither streamlined nor shiny, it’s made entirely of plastic, and the filling system looks like some sort of steampunk Rube Goldberg machine. But somehow the look works for me. It’s fun
Day by day I'm preferring my TWSBI Eco over my Lamy 2000 and Platinum 3776. Is it wrong? Feels wrong. 😅
My workhorse right now is a TWSBI Go with the most boring black ink ever in it but it’s such a joy to write with IDEC. $20 well spent.
10 months ago
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Worth It? TWSBI GO vs. ECO vs. 580
The snap cap makes it ideal for on-the-go writing and a great quick draw fountain pen option!. It comes in either blue or smoke, and while it has yet to be shown in other colors, TWSBI does a great job at producing special edition colors for most of their pen models, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see that with the GO as well.
4 months ago
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Pen Recommendations Needed
I also have 2 of the Go and a Vac700R. All of my TWSBI have worked well from the first filling, and don’t think I have a smoother pen than the M and B nibs in them. For the last year and a half, I have had at least 2 TWSBI pens inked at all times.
6 months ago
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Capped or Retractable

Capped - Snap On



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Diameter - Grip

10.1 mm