Technivorm Moccamaster Technivorm 59691 KB Coffee Brewer

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  • Great for coffee lovers
  • Easy to use
  • Quality of workmanship is without question
  • Device's function replicates a good pour over
  • Flow of the water from the reservoir increased in volume noticeably


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Have owned this product for >4 years now. All parts are replaceable, cleans up easily, and brews to an exact temperature each time. Maintenance ~once a year to remove build-up from hard water residue.
This is the one! Stop wasting your money elsewhere!
Don't even waste your time with any other coffee maker - this is it! Are you sick of terrible coffee at home? Want your coffee to taste like what you get at a real coffee shop? This is the ticket. That was really my only requirement. I wanted to be able to make GOOD coffee that tastes just like what...
7 years ago
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I love my new Moccamaster!
I am so happy with the new machine! Everything about it is amazing !
Carol N.
2 years ago
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Major disappointment. Stopped working after six months
This started off a great coffee maker. It is elegant in appearance and the device's function replicates a good pour-over. I was very satisfied with this unit until about six months of daily use when the flow of the water from the reservoir increased in volume noticeably. This caused two things to oc...
3 years ago
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Much of the gourmet taste yet easy to use.
It took a few pots to dial in the type and amount of beans to grind to get the flavor of coffee I like but once I did it is very easy and quick to consistently brew a fine cup. One thing that I recommend is setting the switch on the filter holder to full open. There are three settings on the holder,...
Jeff G. Knutson
2 months ago
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Why did I wait?
Coffee is an essential nutrient to me. I've been drinking it for 60 years. I'm not embarrassed to admit I've consumed some of the worst coffee conceivable, but I am not without taste buds. When I finally could not abide the waste of 10-15 K-cups/day I began the hunt for a better brand of coffee make...
Gary P. Olson
6 years ago
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what's not to love?
Purchasing this at the sale price of around 240 a few weeks ago was no brainer. I've been drinking coffee since 1969 and this makes the best coffee I've ever made, hands down, no exageration. Very simple design oz coffee brews in 5 minutes (40 oz), simple clean up. Buy one.
2 months ago
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Hytta heaven!
This is the best coffee maker in the world! We have one at our cabin in Norway 🇳🇴 and miss it when we’re here in the States. Now we have a little part of our Norwegian joy right here!
Karen J.
1 month ago
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Why America's Test Kitchen Calls the Technivorm Moccamaster the Best Automatic Drip Coffee Maker
Time and again, the tech deforms performance was rock solid. The water went straight up into the right temperature zone in seconds, not minutes, and it stayed steady to the end. The techno berm also has a great feature built right into the brew basket that automatically holds back the water for about 30 seconds before it can drip down into the carafe
America's Test Kitchen
1 month ago
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Best coffee ever—not so good design
Many years ago, I began my search for a better coffee machine with a Mr. Coffee. Through the years, I have had a Braun, many Krups models, Cuisinart, a recent Bonavita that I returned due to lukewarm coffee temp, and finally the Moccamaster. The Moccamaster beats them all hands down for flavor and a...
5 years ago
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Technivorm Moccamaster


10 Cups

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Product Dimensions

6.5"D x 12.75"W x 14"H