Surly Straggler

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  • Great for gravel roads
  • Fits fatter tires if needed for some trails
  • Surly Straggler is a great gravel bike
  • Color is Salmon Candy Red


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Review: 650b Surly Straggler !!!
So if you're looking for a bike that you could potentially race on do a road event or a gravel event, but also go commuting and run a rack and painters, then this is a bike for you. Another big Pro is just the handling. It's it's a fun bike
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2 months ago
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Found this thing by my dumpster, so I thought I’d ride it to work today
It’s my Surly Straggler and my water bottle and lights that I purchased at a local shop about 11 months ago. I do use it for commuting during the non-snowy times as much as my schedule allows.
As far as budget goes, I could rationalize the Straggler as the upper end of my budget and I want something that will be reliable with basic maintenance, durable, and versatile. As mentioned, I primarily ride slow-ish with kids, but as they grow, would envision using this same bike for light off-road riding (packed trails, gravel, etc.)
- Surly Straggler. Little nervous that some of these may be 'too nice' for my first road bike since I don't know what I really like yet. I'm not sure I can even find the Surly in my size (I'm 6'2) and Apollo is backordered. For that reason I like the ADV because REI is easy to deal with.
Reached out to a local LBS and from what they have in stock, they recommended:. Surly Straggler - $1625.
NBD - Soon to be new pedal day too!
Man, I wanted this bike, but couldn't find one in my size in any of the shops in my area. I ended up with a Surly Straggler, which I don't regret.
Where do you buy bikes right now? Every shop seems to have literally 0 bikes for sale. US, IL
I’m in IL and have bought a new gravel bike from my LBS last week, size 56 Surly Straggler. I also just sold a 2021 Giant Contend 3 on FB Marketplace. It’s tough right now but if you look hard and are willing to drive a little you can find stuff. Also obviously depends on if you’re lucky with your size obviously.
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What is your average speed when commuting?
Best time ever was just under 45 minutes, Yesterday took me 70 minutes due to headwinds and crappy light timing (and obnoxious automobile drivers). 50-55 minutes is fairly typical for me for most conditions. For me, the biggest things affecting my commute time are how lucky I am with the lights, how shitty car drivers are being, and how much of a headwind I have to deal with. Am currently using a Surly Straggler gravel bike, prior to that, was using an old clunky, poorly maintained, aluminum hybrid.
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Which Bike? - Weekly Scheduled Discussion
Probably wouldn’t get used much on normal roads, as I’ll keep my road bike for that. Been looking at the Surly Straggler, cannondale top stone 3 and 4, and trek checkpoint ALR4. Love the look of the surly, but wondering if I’ll miss having two chainrings up front? Also never tried SRAM, always had shimano parts on my road bikes.
Anyone with a long/physical job commute by bike? (X-post to r/nursing)
It's 8 miles one way. I had 5 clinical 1900 - 0730 shifts I have a Surly Straggler (a steel bike with 1.5 inch tires.) It's a fun bike, but not fast compared to a dedicated road bike.
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