SteelSeries Rival 310

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  • Great for large hands
  • Works well on a mousepad
  • Good quality at a good price
  • Software is easy to download and use
  • Product is ambidextrous


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Worst experience I've ever had with customer support.
Good lord. Stay away from this mouse. Originally, it was great. I bought it back in January (writing this as of May, 4 months later). My mouse has started double clicking randomly. I click on something, and it is an instant double click. Annoying right? Whatever, stuff happens. So I opened up an RMA...
4 years ago
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Nit-Noid Review: A Top-Tier Mouse that may not be for everyone
The Basics Beginning of Jan I purchased the Rival 310. The mousewheel on my G403 had lost some tactility and the R310 checked virtually all the boxes. 3360 variant sensor, 50m omron switches, RGB and a safe shape. I used it for 6 days before writing this review. My Nit-Noidy thoughts are as follows....
5 years ago
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SteelSeries Rival 310 Review
This high-end SteelSeries mouse's design, optical sensor, and button switches are great. Only the configuration software—and a hardware elision or two, versus the previous model—keep the Rival 310 a step short of stardom. Sign up for Lab Report to get the latest reviews and top product advice delivered right to your inbox
Barry Brenesal
4 months ago
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The survivors (out of the 32 different mice I've tried this year)
If you like the Steelseries Rival 310 (where it's nice and wide at the back but narrow towards the front), this mouse does the same trick. The hump is somewhere between the G703 and EC/IE3.0; it's more aggressive in its angle but doesn't dig into the center of your palm. However, it's still wider than the G703, so your ring and pinky knuckles get better support. Fair warning; the buttons are *high* on this mouse (taller than the 703), but I like it now that I've got stiff-enough switches installed.
Finally found my endgame
I’ve been through a g102, a Deathadder chroma, a SteelSeries rival 310, an EC2-a, and EC2-b, a g403, and a g502. This mouse just feels really comfortable for my claw grip and the weight difference is insane. It’s the lightest mouse I’ve ever owned and it’s taking some adjusting, but I’m absolutely in love.
Best ambidextrous/left-handed mouse I've ever used, and I've gone through many brands of gaming mice.
Honestly, so far, the best ambidextrous/left-handed mouse I've used in years. I've gone through Razer mice, and found both that the thumb buttons weren't quite in the right place for me, making them difficult to actually use in game, and lately, I have to say their quality/durability has fallen off....
Brian - SummaeStudios
5 years ago
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Steelseries Prime+ Review
It's a weird one, but I've found it decently comfortable, and it definitely subscribed to the Steelseries shape ideology of having a thin front and a wide base. It's slightly smaller than both the 310 and the DA across the board, except for the grip width. My favorite thing about the Rival 310 is that the grip width was pretty narrow once you took their shitty rubber grips off, even if it made the mouse slightly front heavy (this mouse is also slightly front heavy, but I haven't noticed it in game).
1 year ago
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Awesome $59 Gaming Mouse - Steelseries Rival 310 / Sensei 310 Review
I still prefer my large, like gee pro because of a lighter and despite a slimmer base for doing flicks and stuff, but the rival 310 is definitely going to be staying on. My desk for more SteelSeries has done a fantastic job with these mice and we're giving them the Huracan ax damn good and then good value our words so yeah, that's it.
Hardware Canucks
4 months ago
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Clicker issue
I read the reviews on the click issue where it gets stuck (does double click sometimes) but I gave it a chance since most mouses will eventually will get that issue either way. I replaced my razor mouse which I had for 4+ years , great mouse but then I got the double click mouse of death. This Sense...
Eric M.
4 years ago
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Finally found my endgame after two years of searching.
It feels perfectly molded to my 18.5 x 9.5 hands and it’s the most comfortable mouse I think I have used. I wish I had tried this out earlier as I’ve tried multiple mice such as the deathadder, g305, g703, gpw, pulsar Xlite, Zowie fk1, Zowie za-13, roccat burst pro and the rival 310 and a few others.


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