Steelcase Series 2

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  • Great for long hours of work
  • Comfortable and supportive back
  • Low to the ground for feet to rest on floor
  • Arm rests can move inward for arms to rest on them
  • Very high quality


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Beware - Returning this to Amazon is almost impossible.
Bought this direct from Amazon. Seemed OK, so I put it together. The lean back feature is an ALL or NOTHING feature. Either locked into straight vertical or in a very loose lean back feature. Even the cheapo chairs have better adjustments on this. Put in for return, BUT you CAN NOT take the chair pa...
2 years ago
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Pink lemonade 🤷🏿‍♂️
This is a steelcase series 2, I got it for 350 open box from Amazon warehouse. I think it was so low because of the color but it isn’t half bad imo and more comfortable with nicer arms than my 5 year old HON ignition.
Don’t assemble the chair if you think you might want to return it!
Very disappointed for a $500 chair. Stuff, hard seat, not comfortable at all. Tried to return the chair, could not disassemble the chair, even with factory customer support. Their instruction and videos make it look easy to pop the back off...I’m an Engineer, and mechanically inclined, and once that...
Sam O'Rear
2 years ago
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Steelcase Series 2 Task Chair with Lumbar Support | Steelcase
Steelcase Series 2 is an attainable, high-performing task chair that can be personalized with extensive style choices. Configure Now Uncover options to create an inspiring space.
5 months ago
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Terrible product support
The lumbar part of the chair did not show up. Called the manufacturer and they said I have to make a claim through Amazon. There doesn't appear to be a way to do that. I just want them to send me the piece. I don't want to send this huge chair back, and get another one. Especially if that one doesn'...
2 years ago
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2022 Steelcase Series 2 Review (Key Features, Pros & Cons)
Cons of Steelcase Series 2. Lack of Available Information. Since Series 2 is so new, there’s a lack of information available online, and there aren’t any reviews from real-life users either
5 months ago
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OfficeChair in Germany
Get a Steelcase Series 2 with headrest or a Please V2 for example, they may not look gamer style but your body will thank you because you can adjust so many things on these. ​. Also you can buy them used and if they were cared for you wont see much difference to a new one, just bought a 12 years old Please V2 and it looks and feels like new. ​.
Steelcase Desk • Deals, Reviews & Trending Products | SERP Shop
They're available in a variety of sizes, materials, finishes, and styles, so you can choose the desk that works best for your space. Their sleek designs come in a wide range of materials, such as wood, metal, glass, leather, and bamboo. Choose from traditional, contemporary, transitional, and industrial looks, so you can mix and match with your existing decor.
5 months ago
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Not made for the human body
I'm confused as to how anyone could sit in this chair for more than 2 minutes and enjoy it. The seat part itself slopes downward, making you slowly slide out of the chair and forcing you to get up and reposition itself every few minutes. I've sat in countless office chairs over the years, most of wh...
1 year ago
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WFH Chair Recommendations
I got a steelcase series 2 on company dollar and its been great for my back and neck. Just a few minor points, even as a slender person the base really isn't broad enough to cross my legs on the chair. Additionally, the arm rests are great but I wish I could move them further away from me. The hardwood rollers are also not my favorite.


Maximum Weight Capacity

400 pounds

Maximum Seat Height From Floor

21.5 inches

Minimum Seat Height From Floor

16.5 inches

Seat Width

19 inches