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  • Great for two players
  • Easy to learn and play
  • Fun for all ages
  • Lots of expansions available
  • A lot of content in the form of expansions


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Star Realms App Review - Pixelated Cardboard
The Wrap UpUsually by the time I get to this point in the review I have a few items I couldn't fit in elsewhere, but I've spent 1,300 words gushing about every aspect of this game so I'll keep this one short: we highly recommend this game. It has one of the best multiplayer implementations out there and a robust, challenging set of offline modes. If the game appeals the you at all, it's worth picking up this extremely well made app
Depth without a lot of cards/tokens?
I would also like to mention **Star Realms** - it's a light deckbuilder, great addition to this low components-high gameplay list. For more players, there's **Yellow & Yangtzee** (or **Tigris & Euphrates**) - highly strategic, yet low bookkeeping game. There is also a theme you could care for if you want to.
It's really that good
I'm a gamer....I've played a ton of games and I really enjoy deckbuilders. I knew I was going to love this game. The art is awesome, the graphic design is perfect, and it plays pretty fast. What I didn't foresee is that my wife, who's a total non-gamer, absolutely loves this game probably more than ...
8 years ago
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What is the most popular competitive deck building game?
Star Realms being my favourite. However, if you want a more regular 1v1 game, you'd probably need to look into another direction. I've been playing Magic for the last... 15 years I think.
The Complete Star Realms Buyer's Guide - Geeks Under Grace
Have fun!. Considering you could have already played three games of Star Realms while reading this, I hope it was worth your time!
3 months ago
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What's your favourite deckbuilder?
I played some Dominion, Star Realms (also very good), Quest for El Dorado, a few other euro-style deckbuilders, didn't really care for any of them. Shards of Infinity takes all the great variety and combo-building possible in something like Star Realms, makes a couple very elegant rules tweaks to open up your options even more, and otherwise gets out of the way. It's super intuitive and rewarding. Not a big fan of deckbuilders in general so Shards will probably be the only one I keep in my collection.
Star Realms: Frontiers Review
Final Score: 4 Stars – Good for rookies and veterans of Star Realms alike. Hits:. • Cooperative rules are well-designed and fun
3 months ago
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Little burnt out on Video Games, what's some 1-2 player card games to occupy my free time?
I recommend **Star Realms** for two players. The base-game is enough and it doesn't require any expansions (unless you want them) or buying a ton of cardpacks (like magic). And it plays fairly quickly in about 15-30 minutes.
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Star Realms Review - The Thoughtful Gamer
Star Realms isn’t a great game, but it certainly is a good one, made better by its cheap price, compact size, short length, and ease of play. It’s the perfect on-the-go game to bring with you while you wait in line for an event, or between heavier games on game night.
Why is your favorite board game, your favorite board game?
I’ve found I kind of despise the market row of cards in deck builder (e.g., Ascension or Star Realms or Legendary, though I still like Star Realms and Legendary as games), as it increases the luck factor significantly in some cases. -I’m not as sure why for this one, but I much prefer the buy mechanic in Dominion over the “buy as much as you can” in Star Realms and Legendary.
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