Aeon's End

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  • Great for cooperative play
  • Unique nemeses
  • Challenging difficulty level
  • Engaging story
  • Beautiful artwork


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Aeon’s End: Legacy – Faits et impressions d’un playtesteur (en Anglais)
You will not like the Legacy elements of the game, then. But you will enjoy the content the game offers once the campaign is over. I do believe it would be a shame to discard Aeon’s End : Legacy as a pure Legacy game, as it adds so much to the line once the Legacy elements are done
Simple Rules | Tons of Fun | Great First Cooperative Game
My wife and I decided to get some cooperative board and card games to play after our son goes to bed. This game was perfect. I did some research and bought Aeon's End and Spirit Island. We decided that Spirit Island is a bit too complex and the games are a bit too long for us now. We hope to play Sp...
Mr. J. M. Frawley
2 years ago
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GTM #202 - Aeon's End
~ A Special Game ~ Aeon’s End is a streamlined, cooperative deck builder that requires teamwork for success, features truly innovative mechanics, and offers a nearly infinite amount of replayability through the combination of different breach mages, market of available cards, and nemeses. Aeon’s End retails for $49.99, plays in about 60-minutes, and supports 1-4 players for ages 14 and up
3 months ago
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What's your favourite deckbuilder?
Aeon's End is my personal favorite. Granted, I'm strongly preferential to cooperative games, but it's the game that made me love deck building. I've since picked up each of the expansions and they've been well loved.
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Aeon’s End Digital Review
The only glaring issue I ran into was the omission of multiplayer mode. Digital games are a great way to play games you love with people in other locations, and unfortunately, Aeon’s End doesn’t offer that. Whether that’s a big deal or not really depends on how you like to play digital board games
3 months ago
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Fellow Onebaggers who have done long term travel: what did you ditch or send back?
It took a lot of space, but we also brought a copy of Aeon's End (the board game). It was worth every ounce/cubic inch, i have no regrets.
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Aeon's End Review
BGG | Amazon | CoolStuffInc | eBay Thanks for taking the time to read our Aeon’s End review! To stay updated on all things cooperative board games, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or via RSS.
3 months ago
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But Aeon's End is not the only game on which we've changed our mind. Game of Thrones the Card Game went from "we never want to see this game again" to being in both our top 3 games of all time (admittedly, this happened after we purchased a few more packs and the random factor of having just 1 core set was reduced). ​. At the other end, we have games such as Vinhos or Architects of the West Kingdom, which we've loved the first time we played, but felt that each subsequent session played out exactly the same.
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Aeon's End: Outcasts is Fun but Falls Short of its Predecessors
I had fun with Aeon’s End: Outcasts, but I would rank this release below the rest of the series. With each new iteration of Aeon’s End, the focus of the game shifts from one mechanic to another. I’ve always felt that player abilities and spells were the most interesting when they were varied, yet cohesive, like they were in Aeon’s End: War Eternal, but that was largely missing from Outcasts
3 months ago
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oo far away from the 'group strategy', but allows for personal affecting of the game). - Aeon's End. This also worked really well for us but it seemed the cooperative elements fell in a bit too late in each run, and we were mostly playing our own boards for most of it.



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