Sony X950H

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  • Great for 4K HDR content
  • Android TV features
  • Multi audio speaker system
  • Local dimming directly LED backlighting the
  • Motion clarity


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BuyDig is also throwing in a $100 gift card
If you’re looking for a behemoth 4K TV with impressive motion handling, solid black levels, and vibrant colors right out of the box, it’s hard to go wrong with the Sony X950H series. Sony’s 75-inch HDR display is not cheap at $2,600, however, Best Buy, Amazon, and BuyDig are all currently offering t...
Brandon Widder
7 months ago
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Mouse problem
You got that right sir/ma’am that’s glorious dog food in my beautiful Sony speakers. So I decided to listen to music this morning and lone behold I think the woofer is blown crack that bad boy open and booom dog food starts flying out!.
1 year ago
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Stopping in to say thank you for helping me choose a T.V
I recently made the decision to buy a Sony X950H. Even though you guys can come off as as fussy or over zealous this sub helped make a daunting decision that much easier. The passionate discussion and suggestions where truly helpful and I am ecstatic about my choice.
2 years ago
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X90J Unboxing and VRR
I will never buy a TV again based on promises. Picture quality is great, but blurry 4k120 is disappointing and the lack of VRR infuriating. I'm waiting almost a year now, get your shit together Sony!
1 year ago
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Incredible tv, support and TIVO
Other reviewers will talk about picture quality with numbers and words I don't use so no sense in me even trying to tell you about that stuff. If you want a review from a different perspective, here's mine... Setup....I'm a 63 year old single woman and I had no problems whatsoever getting this out o...
A reader, a crafter, a gardener and cook
3 years ago
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Good evening. My very quick review of the Sony X950H 75" VS. Samsung Q90T 75".
Long story short: If you want a home theater experience, get the Sony. With Dolby Vision and Dolby True HD support built in, it is superior for a viewing experience. I feel as though the lack of Dolby Vision and only generally having only 5.1 surround on the Samsung is a pretty big oversight.
2 years ago
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75" - PQX or x900h or x950h or TCL 6 series?
Edit: Thanks all, **I went with the x950h** \- I saw an awesome bundle deal for about the same price as the TV by itself brand new, so I went for that. Cheers.
1 year ago
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X950H Question
I can get the 75” X950H for $1999 right now. I mostly watch cable tv and stream from my Apple TV. I’ll eventually upgrade my Blu-ray player, although I can’t remember the last time I turned mine on. And whenever they are available I’ll get a Series X. Im also open to a 65” A80J possibly but am excited by the X95J if it’s basically a better version of the 950H.
1 year ago
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Are there cheap ways to do proper color calibration?
I have a x950h. I had Best Buy come on to do it, and basically the Sony TVs are very good outside the box.
2 years ago
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Wait For Sale!!!
Grey black. Barely 1000 nits. 3yr old design on the 49in ver. Cheap plastic remote. And forced google tos, are reasons to wait. Hdmi 2.1 not being here is not an issue. Next-Gen consoles will not have much 4k@120hz support. Not even 13TF pc GPUs can handle this yet, so seriously don't sweat that. Up...
Quantum TV
2 years ago
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Power Consumption Operational

417 Watt

Energy Consumption per Year

476 kWh

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