Sony Bravia XR A80J

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Why do I keep coming back to Sony? Um, their stuff ROCKS.
I have been in the market for some time for a new 65" panel. Why? Oh, because I had a nice 4k Samsung tv that had backlight failure less than a year after the warranty expired. And given that the auto on/off of my nearly brand new 32" Samsung curved monitor was no longer working, I had pretty much w...
1 year ago
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The 4 Best OLED 4k TVs - Spring 2022
If you prefer something cheaper, check out the Sony A80J OLED. It's a lower-end model than the Sony A90J OLED, which explains its lower price tag, and while it doesn't get as bright, it still delivers fantastic performance for watching movies. Like many Sony TVs, the out-of-the-box accuracy is excellent, meaning you likely won't need to get it calibrated, and it doesn't have any trouble upscaling lower-resolution content from DVDs or Blu-rays
6 months ago
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Apologies if this is the wrong place but last night when I went to watch some movies using the MX Player app on my Sony Bravia I was told that the codec was out of date:. "Can't find custom codec. Please use version 1.41.2 ARMv7 NEON codec.". In the past I've always had success with the MX\ but the latest version I could find is 1.35, and none of the zip files I could find worked.
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I got a 32 inch Sony Bravia in 2007. At the time it was a nice tv, relatively flat screen, 720p... Since then I've been in sales, even electronics and appliances, I've never replaced it, it works fine and most things I want to watch or game I do on my computer monitor which was a birthday gift from an old 3 years ago. Dozens if not hundreds of times over the years someone has made the comment about why don't I replace it with a new TV but it just never feels like I need it.
Sony Bravia XR A80J Series OLED TV Review
And then that leaves us with the lg c1, which has definitely impressed me, along with this 80j i'll, have a lot more to say about this, but with the prices being equal, isn't it normally lg for gaming and sony for a majority of tv and movie watching So i'm impressed with the sony a80j, definitely a pretty good looking tv compared to almost any other competition, especially since it's the second best sony oled of 2021.. It could still very well be the second best tv in the us and the best tv buy of the year
B The Installer
4 months ago
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Beautiful picture, but I'll keep my Roku, thanks
Compare this TV to my 2 year old 4K LCD and the enhanced picture quality is night-and-day different with this screen looking more beautiful in just about every aspect. Even my wife and kids who don't generally notice picture (or sound) quality nuances immediately commented on how gorgeous the pictur...
1 year ago
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Got my LG C1 OLED - Not impressed, am I doing something wrong?
You don't buy an OLED for it's brightness, you buy it for it's perfect blacks. Admittedly I don't have the LG C1 though. I have the Sony Bravia A80J. It's picture is worlds better than my previous VA panel screen, the TCL 49S405.
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Absolutely Stunning.!!
This is the Best OLED TV I have ever owned. Of course technology will change that within a couple years, but if you are on the fence considering which current OLED to buy, This is the one.. The 77" size compared with the price, and features make this a Great Deal. Sony A80J is fantastic.. Pair it wi...
1 year ago
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It was super laggy and apps would crash endlessly. I would do a restart from the settings but the UI smoothness would only last for a few hours. I was on the verge of doing a factory reset when I realized apps could still be running in the background even on the home screen.
A step above LED?
I was going to get this tv at the yellow tag store but they wouldn't match the price. Delivery was great and on time. Packaging was perfect, it was shipped with an outer box as well to protect the original box the tv comes in. The key differences between this OLED and my big screen LED are... 1. I c...
G. Johnson
1 year ago
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Energy Class

Class G

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Class G

Power Consumption (On mode)

137 W

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137 kWh/1000h