Sierra Designs Meteor 2

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  • Great for backpacking
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Easy set up and take down
  • Roomy for two people
  • Good for a variety of weather conditions


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Sierra Designs Meteor 2
5/5: Spend a little more to get a lot more with the Meteor 2. It’s the priciest tent in the test, but it’s also spacious, livable, and protective—all for a reasonably low weight. To boot, it boasts double doors and two 9-square-foot vestibules
3 months ago
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Is this used MSR Hubba Hubba worth $200?
Get a Sierra Designs Meteor 2p from Dicks on sale. Brand new mesh 3 season from a solid manufacturer for like $180. If you can deal with something smaller the Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight is $139 on sale at Dick's. Very light for such an inexpensive tent with DAC poles.
Looking for a good 2p tent
If you want to save a little coin but sacrifice for weight, you can look at the Marmot Tungsten 2P or the Sierra Design Meteor 2. There’s others out there that are lighter or heavier, but I’d start there and figure out what you want most (e.g. weight, durability, or cost). You can get two out of the 3, but not all 3.
The Sierra Designs Meteor 2 is the Budget-Friendly Tent of the Summer
I think the Sierra Designs Meteor 2 may be just this sort of tent. A budget-friendly workhorse (under $300!)
3 months ago
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Help with a backpacking tent?
Smaller than the Tungsten, but very light. 2.3 lbs or so with poles and stakes. Since you mentioned that you want to do stargazing then you might want to look at the Sierra Designs Meteor or Meteor Lite 2p or the Kelty Dirt Motel (which are sister tents; both are Exxel Outdoor Products brands). The Sierra Designs is a better tent of the two.
gear recommendations for new backpacker
Have and use a Sierra Designs Meteor 2, which is nice enough. For shoes, just all depends on fit. My feet are long and skinny, but so far, no issue with blisters or any other foot malady.
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ProView - Sierra Designs Meteor Lite 2 - Dirtbag Dreams - Gear Reviews
The Final Word. Overall, I think this tent is fantastic and will age well and serve as a useful home away from home. Not many tents provide an open feeling on the inside, this was probably the aspect of this tent I appreciated the most alongside the double vestibules
3 months ago
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BA Copper Spur HV UV2 vs. Nemo Dagger 2P
Stupid light weight. Sierra Designs Meteor Light 2p.
Any better tent than REI trail hut 4 around same price ? Has to be a 4 person tent that can be used for backpacking as well.
Sierra Designs Meteor 2p or 3p. The trail hut is heavy and is really a car camping tent. Wait till the memorial day sales. Backcountry and Moosejaw I'll have 20% off or more plus you can use a cashback site like tobstack your discounts even more.
Sierra Designs Meteor 2 Tent Review
so yeah, the Meteor - from Sierra Designs that's our home for tonight.
Trail And Mountain
3 months ago
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Minimum Weight

3 lbs 15 oz / 1.78 kg

Packaged Weight

4 lbs 8 oz / 2.04 kg

Number of Doors


Number of Vestibules