Shimano Tiagra 4700

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  • Great for winter riding
  • Shimano is a trusted brand
  • Shifters are easy to use and have a nice feel
  • Brakes are powerful and reliable
  • Good value for money


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Shimano Tiagra vs Shimano Sora: What’s the difference?
SummaryIn my experience, the shifters on the Sora are slightly unwieldy, making the Tiagra a better option.Particularly with the Tiagra moving closer towards the 105 groupsets, the gear changes are slicker and the overall performance slightly better. Essentially, the Tiagra is a better option if you want a slightly lighter and quicker groupset
3 months ago
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Cheap Gravel bike with Shimano 105 Groupset
Please consider Tiagra 4700 as well. I have a bike with Tiagra 4700 and it is every bit as good as 105 5800, just with one less gear. The disc brake version is hydraulic so you're not really missing anything.
1 year ago
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Shimano Tiagra 4700 Groupset Review
They seemed to be far more comfortable and over longer rides this made for a far more comfortable experience. Along with that, losing the thumb shifters made the gear shifting process far easier and more comfortable. The whole Tiagra groupset really did exceed my expectations
After a couple years into cycling with my Tiagra 4700 aluminium road bike, I'd decided that it was time for a change, and recently got myself a pre-owned 2015 Cervelo R3 with a full Ultegra 6800 groupset, with the exception being the cassette, a Shimano 105 11-28t, for about 1050$. I still have about 500 more bucks to spare and I am considering upgrading my drivetrain to the newer Ultegra R8000.
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Can I fit a different range cassette without replacing anything else?
A Tiagra 4700 medium cage rear derailleur is rated for 41 teeth... going 10 teeth over is a significant difference. If you were to size the chain to your big-big combination, you'd have to avoid using half of your cassette while in the smaller chainring or else your rear derailleur would lose all tension on the chain and it would become slack.
Should I wait for Tiagra or 105 or go with Sora
I personally have a Tiagra 4700 and I'm super happy with it. I think the real question to ask is whether you want to have more gears or not and if that's worth the wait. For all those options you should be able to get the same range of gears, just with different spacing between them. The most important thing for shifting is proper adjustment, another factor to consider.
Shimano Tiagra 4700 10 Speed Groupset Reviews
If you think Shimano Tiagra 4700 10 Speed Groupset ticks all of your boxes in terms of quality and features then it’s more than likely going to be a winner bearing in mind the price. Shimano Tiagra 4700 10 Speed Groupset Reviews. Reviews are obviously a key part of the buying process when buying any cycle gear, and that goes for Groupsets too
3 months ago
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Should I buy this bike?
— Recently serviced, bike rides like new. Paid over 2k new.
1 year ago
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Tiagra 4700 Review and it's SECRET Feature!
So I have you guys, tried the new T: Agra 4700. I know it's been out for about a year or two we're only just upgrading it now and, like I said, we're pretty happy with it, but I'd love to hear what you guys think is this the best value in quote: unquote: adventure road shifters on the market. Today, let me know your thoughts, leave them in the comments below and if you guys have specific questions, also leave those in the comments, so I'll be sure to answer them
Path Less Pedaled
3 months ago
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Help understanding the problem with my cassette and gears (desc in comment)
The chainring look useable still so that’s one less thing to replace. I would start with replacing inner and outer gear cabling, chain and cassette. If you want a larger cassette you are gonna have to try and find a RD-5701-GS which works up to a 11-32 but will unofficially work with a 11-34. Just a side note the 10 speed Tiagra 4700 isn’t compatible with 105 5700 as it uses a different pull ratio.
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