Sennheiser HD 599

Sennheiser HD 599

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  • Great for music and gaming
  • Comes with two cables
  • Good sound quality
  • Easy to drive
  • Two year warranty


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Sennheiser HD 599 Review - The Audiophile Gateway Drug

It's about 150. They've jacked them up a bit right now as of this video the 579 which is kind of like a 558 I believe Is running around 160 170 and this 599 is about 200 I think that's a little bit pricey But if these when the 590 goes out of production and I'm hoping that the 599 will come down to around 150 and the 570 would come down below that maybe 120 at least then these become like an instant buy in my opinion if you're looking for a starting open back you don't know what you want there you go and as usual I missed the accessories again so we'll talk about that really quick it comes with a locking cable these cables are cool because you put them in and then you twist them and then they stay in and then you just untwist them so I didn't put that in all the way and then they come right back out so they don't fall out when you pull them they're really nice this one is long and has a quarter inch obviously designed to be used with you know your favorite amp this one is a strangely a portable cable yeah don't use this on a bus this is an open back like I said but they give you it anyway with a three and a half millimeter ending and then they give you a quarter inch to three and a half millimeter adapter so that all comes in the box and that's about it so that's a Sennheiser HD 599 I want to thank Sennheiser for sending me this for review it's it's a great option if you're looking to get into the hobby for the first time and actually it's kind of my reference for under $200 open backs so there you have it guys I'll see you in the next video.
15 days ago


Connectivity Technology


Connector Type

3.5mm Jack

Audio Sensitivity

106 dB

Power Source



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