Sennheiser HD 599

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  • Great for the price
  • Sound quality is good
  • Comfort is great
  • Soundstage is wide
  • Bass is not too strong


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Like most premium headphones, these are as good as your set-up will allow them to be
From my experience so far, these work really well with the set-up that I have. The bass is audible without being obtrusive, and the highs are very clean and pleasant. Mids are not as detailed as I would prefer, but are acceptable. The ear cups are super comfortable, and personally I like the style a...
Daniel Rafferty
5 years ago
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My first planars, impressions in the comments
The very first impression was not that great TBH, i put them on and i was like yeah they sound ok, not bad but not good either, but this always happens when I get new headphones. So i kept listening and after a while i switched back to the HD 599 to compare, it's then when it hit me, the sennhaisers sounded muffled that was quite a wtf moment, as they were perfectly clear before.
Doesn't Feel Like $200 Premium Headphones
This is at least my third or fourth pair of Sennheiser headphones, and definitely among my 10th+ set of "high-quality" headphones. My gold standard after all these years is a pair of Sennheiser 555s, which I picked up for around $90, and remained among the most comfortable pair of headphones I've ev...
Michael A. Crutchfield
3 years ago
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Nice headphones, very comfortable, but...
The Sehhheiser HD 599s are very nice looking headphones and are the most comfortable of five sets I have tried. That said I want headphones to sound good as well and the HD 599s just weren't cutting it This is where the HD 599s fall a bit short in my opinion. The build quality is pretty decent, a bi...
Albert Flasher
4 months ago
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\- **Sennheiser HD 599** (its a little out of my price range, 220$). \- **Shure SRH840** (140$). \- **Sennheiser HD6 MIX** (165$). \- **Sony MDR7506(**i heard that it's not ideal for "fun" listening and it's best for classical music, 135$).
One of the best headphones under $300
These are probably the best headphones I've ever tried. These have one of the widest, most precise soundstages of anything anywhere near this price range, with anything else that gets close either lacking in sound or comfort. These are also some of the most comfortable headphones you can get; open b...
3 years ago
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Solid pair of Headphones. In-depth review
Amazing product, I don't usually write reviews but this one is worthy Why I bought the headphones: I play video games and my hyper x cloud alpha s cable was bent so the sound stopped working in one ear. They were about 2 years old so I decided to just upgrade my headphone setup and purchase headphon...
4 months ago
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My first proper pair of headphones(HD 599). I have only used $10 earphones all my life before.
So i went on with the hd 599 SE which was on sale in Amazon for $120 in my country which is a good deal. Very happy with it overall. It opened another dimension to music really. I can hear the details i couldn't hear before.
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Great Option For Portable Devices and Amplifiers, Issues with Computers....
I recently needed to replace my pair of over the ear headphones so I began my search for a good pair of headphones in the $150-$200 range. Immediately Senhiser, Beyerdynamic, and Audio‑Technica stood out. I first received a pair of the Audio‑Technica ATH M-50x which had good sound but were very unco...
J. Hill
4 years ago
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Tried HD599se and X2HR
So this year I really wanted to try open back headphones, it was a new world I found out about. I have bluetooth aukey and anker earbuds, Sony XB900N, HyperX Cloud PS4 (same as pc,xbox versions), and other wired earbuds. A big plus is I can hear my surroundings with open-back. This fall I did resear...
Ju-Miao Cheng
3 years ago
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