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Sawyer Squeeze Filteration System

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Compact, versatile, fast to use, lightweight, and filters smaller microbes than others. A must-have for backcountry use.
First of all, make sure to NEVER let your filter get below freezing if it has ever been used, no matter how well you think at may have dried out. Freezing can damage the tiny holes in the filter and it will no longer be effective against pathogens. If you are using it for cold weather, always keep i...
5 years ago
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Best Backpacking Water Filters of 2022 - GearLab
The Sawyer Squeeze is a time-tested, on-the-go filtration system. This lightweight option is wonderful for personal use, providing great functionality on multi-day excursions and daily adventures in the backcountry. Of the multiple Sawyer Squeeze systems, this one offers the fastest flow rate, filte...
4 months ago
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Good filter, bad accessories.
I am really disappointed in this for a few reasons. Ill start with saying the filter itself is great and I have no issues with it. My issues are with the accessories that come with this. First off, the hose does not even fit the nozzles on any of the products. The only way to use this would be to co...
3 years ago
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my favorite filter
What a cool little filter. It takes up no space in your backpack, weighs next to nothing, and has the best actual filter in its class. I have only used this filter for 1 summer season, and am ready to bust it out again soon.
Quirky: If you get little creative, you can use the filter more efficientl...
Big Sky Backpacker
9 years ago
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Adapters are too small for bladder tubing.
Works, but the screw on adapters aren't even close to a tight fit in the tubing they supply, and I'm not about to cut the tube of my water bladder and have to use a metal clamp or zip tie to keep it from leaking. Ended up having to buy the quick fill adapters, changing up my plans for how I wanted t...
Allen Durwood
2 years ago
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Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter Review 2019 |
Where to Buy Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter System We tested the Sawyer Squeeze Water Filtration System (sometimes know as the “Plus” system).
2 months ago
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Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter System
Disclosure: SectionHiker received a complementary Sawyer Squeeze Filtration System for testing.
2 months ago
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Lightweight and convenient backpacking water filter
This is my second Sawyer Squeeze filter. I purchased the first one several years ago and after many miles on the trail the flow had slowed down enough that I decided to replace it. I love the Sawyer filter - it's extremely light and convenient. I use it to refill the water bladder in my backpack and...
Charles Bechtel
7 years ago
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simply the best - great customer service
I received mine with a small puncture at the base of the largest bag in the box. I sent it back to Sawyer, and they sent me back TWO new bags along with four 1oz sample-size bottles of sun screen and bug repellant. They said it was there way of apologizing for the bad product in the box. Man that is...
9 years ago
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broke when dropped, vendor ignoring emails.
broke when dropped, vendor ignoring emails. This is my second one, the first one I've had a long time and used hundreds of times without issue. this one seems to be cheaper plastic. it dropped from my kitchen counter and the ring that retains the water bag / bottle to the filter broke. several email...
Josh Grey
7 months ago
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