Sawyer Mini Water Filter

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  • Great for one or two people
  • Keeps you from dying, unless a bear or pack of wolves eat you
  • Standard thread so you can attach a straw and drink like normal
  • Tiresome to suck water through the tube


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the dialysis system of water filtration made perfect sense. I bought it for my son
This product has everything needed to simplify hiking and carrying water. As a nurse, the dialysis system of water filtration made perfect sense. I bought it for my son, with a platypus 2 liter bag, to hike the PCT in Oregon. I thought it was brilliant. And it is. Except that on day two of his hike ...
kirsten luft
6 years ago
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Life Straw $12 on Amazon. Today only.
Here's why the Sawyer Mini is better:. 1. Filter life.
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Filter with Hack
It keeps you from dying, unless a bear or pack of wolves eat you. If that happens, it's not Sawyer's fault. But hey, at least you can feel good about not passing any harmful bacteria or parasites to the critter that's gnawing on your bones. A simple hack to replace or substitute the bag that comes w...
Ronnie Buck
5 years ago
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This is not the filter you're looking for
As an avid backpacker, a good filter is an essential piece of gear. In my 30+ years of backpacking, I have always used the same type and brand of water filter. I was finally coaxed by a friend into purchasing the Sawyer mini just to try it out (lighter, no pump, etc), and I cannot express how much I...
C. Carter
2 years ago
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I had a new Sawyer mini laying around (I know the worst one) and decided I'd try a gravity setup this time around. Seemed like everyone on the internet has had luck with their conversions. So I bought all the necessary tubing, adapters and dirty bag- and the best I can do is about 1 liter per hour with clean tap water. This is not gonna cut it in the UT desert, with silty water, for my GF and I. I could buy another squeeze or something else but honestly I see the same complaints with every other similar filter.
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Tiresome; get the Squeeze instead.
It got so tiresome sucking water through this little tube when I was thirsty and just wanted to chug full mouthfuls. After 2 weeks of using it on the Pacific Crest Trail, I began to be envious of those who had the Squeeze and other filters. Also, the cap easily breaks or falls off and gets lost. I l...
5 years ago
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Surprisingly Useless Gear?
The sawyer mini was surprisingly useless for me. I switched to the squeeze after two weeks on the PCT
Roast my packing list
5. Replace the Sawyer Mini with a regular Sawyer - the flow rate on those is weak.
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China strikes again, counterfeit junk.
I already have 1 sawyer mini, figured it would be nice to have a backup. 1st sign this was counterfeit was when I recieved it, the product box was open. No sticker or seal. I looked at pictures from customers and saw that they all came protected in a hard plastic shell with the box. The plunger was ...
3 years ago
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Getting ready for my first overnight trip, super excited already!
My only piece of advice: throw that sawyer mini bag away and find a plastic bottle that the filter will thread onto. Those bags are damn near impossible to fill.



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