Salsa Vaya

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  • Great for newbies
  • Steel frame is durable and rust resistant
  • 700c wheels are smooth rolling
  • Shimano drivetrain offers a wide range of gears for different terrain
  • Bike is low to the ground for easy maneuvering


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Salsa Vaya Vs Journeyman - Cycle Travel Overload
A Salsa gravel bike bike battle! Well which bike is best? We are going to compare these two iconic gravel bikes side by side and see what the difference is between each. One is made from steel the other alloy. When it comes to price the Journeyman is the best budget option coming in at $1,100 cheape...
Need helping finding the right style of bike
Salsa Vaya, for example, is now marketed as a gravel bike, and I think you'd do fine with it, but I bet you want slightly more aggressive geometry. Though this bike tows a trailer very well.
Salsa Vaya GMAC conversion
I’m an e-bike newbie but rented an e-bike for a week on Maui this summer and was hooked. Took my 2013 Salsa Vaya to the guys at Bike Swift in Seattle and they just finished up this GMAC conversion for me!
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Canondale Topstone Alloy 1 or Salsa Vaya GRX 600?
They are bombproof, comfortable, can carry anything, and perform very well. The tradeoff with weight is well worth it. I have an older Salsa Vaya and love it. It's a perfect commuter/ city bike that I take for long rides on the weekends.
Which bike heavy rider uk
The ride was more comfortable and bike was more reliable. I went through 2 bottom brackets on an aluminum specialized diverge before switching to a steel Salsa Vaya.
Embracing comfort - what would you recommend?
Salsa Vaya is another option. I bought a used XS size for my daughter, it has nice plush 700C ReneHerse tires on it.
Cyclocross vs Gravel bike
I’ve just got the salsa Vaya, good price from woods cyclery. It’s steel though so a bit heavy but great for road / trails. All the mounts you’ll every need too. Don’t rule out steel - there are many advantages!.
newbie here...
I bought a salsa vaya used a few years back. Added a front rack, a new crank with a friendlier commuter geared ratio. Some metropolis bars, and a dynamo wheel/light set. All biased aside I feel it’s the perfect commuter.
Good commuter bike that's fast-ish
I commuted on a Salsa Vaya with a 105 groupset and a power meter before I upgraded to custom bike and it definitely falls into that fast and playful commuter bike category; what's funny though is that I upgraded to a Pinion belt-drive bike since I often commute in rain and snow. The Pinion and belt drive is a little slower than my Vaya was, but the added functionality and weather resistance make up for it; I suppose it depends on what kind of weather you ride in and how much you like continuously cleaning your drivetrain in bad weather. I might also suggest the Salsa Warbird if you're looking for a fast attack commuter.
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Got 5k $. hardtail or gravel ?
Both. Gravel - Salsa Vaya GRX ($2,499). It's what I ride.
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