Salsa Journeyman

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  • Great for gravel riding
  • Lightweight frame
  • Comfortable ride
  • Relatively affordable
  • Good value


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Salsa Journeyman 650B Review: 7 Days on The Prairie
It took us a while to test drive the Journeyman—after all, it was released back in March of 2018—but I’m glad we finally did.
2 months ago
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Who doesn’t like 700x50s on a gravel bike?! They’re dreamy to ride, almost feels like a MTB.
Salsa Journeyman Apex build, 700x50 WTB Ventures. It rides amazing. Plenty of grip, and lower rolling resistance than I expected.
NBD Salsa Journeyman
Good morning, Bought this wonderful Salsa Journeyman from a coworker of mine, was setup with Dt swiss GR 1600 wheels, WTB 50mm ventures, Sram Apex 1x. Already added a PNW suspension dropper, and Made a custom frame bag. Have already done 50miles of commuting ( on and off road). And its Doggo approved ☺️.
New to me bike day
2019 Salsa Journeyman, stock except for the handlebars.
Got it used the other day, decided it was good enough and better than waiting months for something new. Love it!
Calgary, Alberta.
Seeking advice. I'm 34, overweight, and want to get into cycling for weight loss and recreation.
34 and about 240. I originally intended on getting a checkpoint but ended up with a salsa journeyman instead. If you didn’t have experience on a drop bar bike, I’d encourage you to go in to a few shops and try out several. Like I said I was planning on getting a checkpoint but it just didn’t fit nicely, but the salsa ended up being fantastic.
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I used to live somewhere much warmer, but really wet in the winter. I commuted on the same cyclocross bike and the key was having really good fenders/mudguards and waterproof clothing. Whatever you ride, I would recommend a relatively inexpensive, 'beater' bike, as the winter conditions can really do a number on components (especially if road salt is used). I think my next commuter will be something like a Salsa Journeyman Sora.
Switchback Travel | Salsa Journeyman Review
For gravel riding, commuting, and all-around versatility, we give the edge to the Journeyman; for those looking for a slightly more dirt-focused option, the ADV 3.2 is a nice choice. Another good all-rounder to consider is Cannondale’s Topstone 105, which we especially like for its high value
2 months ago
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Bike For a Fat Guy
* Local bike shop brands... You'll need to purchase these from a local shop that will assemble and tune the bike for you. That adds a bit of a premium to the bike cost, but might be well worth it to you. Specialized Sirrus X 2.0 or 3.0, Trek FX Disk 3 or 4, Giant Roam Disk 2, Salsa Journeyman (Flatbar or Dropbar).
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Which Bike? - Weekly Scheduled Discussion
I've looked at budgets rides like Poseidon X, Kona Rove, State All Road, Salsa Journeyman. I went to my local LBS and they recommended the Salsa Journeyman and convinced me on the top model with the Apex gearing?
Trek Domaine...Is 38c good size for gravel?
I use to own a Salsa Journeyman that was like that. I'm sure that Domane would still be more comfortable than that aluminum Salsa without Isospeed. Also, they make gravel tires as skinny as 32c. I was in the same boat as you before, and I ended up selling the gravel bike and I upgraded my road bike.