Roku Ultra

Roku Ultra

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Great streaming capabilities, including 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos
Convenient voice remote capability
Streamlines the process of signing into streaming services through Roku account
Reliable and easy to use
Off button on remote for easy screen shut off
Not compatible with all HDMI cables
Remote battery drain issues reported by some users
Picture quality may be affected by certain lighting conditions


Overall, the reviews for Roku Ultra are mixed. Some users appreciate the streamlined process of signing into streaming services through their Roku account, while others have experienced technical issues such as HDMI cable incompatibility and remote battery drain. Many users praise the device's voice remote capability and 4K HDR capabilities, while others have had issues with picture quality in certain lighting conditions. Some users have compared Roku Ultra to other streaming devices such as Fire TV Cube and Apple TV, but it is unclear if Roku is interested in competing in that space. Despite some technical issues, many users find Roku Ultra to be a reliable and convenient streaming device.


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