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I'll click on Youtube on the Stick to select it, and nothing happens. It just makes the click sound. But literally nothing else happens after the sound (the click sound being the sound the Roku makes when you select anything, be it a channel, options in your System area, anything). It doesn't try to pop up, it doesn't do anything.
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This build seems to have fixed the distorted audio issue which occurred when playing Dolby Digital streams/files in apps such as Plex or Tablo (DVR). My Roku Stick still will not recognize that my TV is capable of Dolby Digital, but if I change the audio setting in Roku from Auto to Dolby Digital then it will function without the distorted sound that was introduce in the previous build (4185). All of the other issues which I encountered in prior 10.0.0 updates appear to have been rectified with the exception of DTS over S/PDIF, which is still out of sync.
Now with Dolby Vision and slightly faster performance
In using the Roku Streaming Stick 4K, you’re agreeing to:.The final tally is two mandatory agreements.
Chris Welch
7 months ago
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Buyer Beware - Please Read This Before You Buy
BUYER BEWARE - I've purchased Roku players in August 2012, May 2015, and this new Stream Stick+ in 2018. When I had a problem "activating" my new Streaming Stick+, I was given a number to "Contact Support Toll Free to Activate Instantly". I called the number and was told that since I had already reg...
Patti S
4 years ago
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my journey to 4k hdr 60hz with a sony tv, yamaha surround sound receiver and this roku stick
Ok. This is going to be long…but maybe something through my experience will help you solve something faster than me. I ended up with the Sony x800g 75” led 4k UHD HDR10 tv. Lots of numbers there. And often times you will hear stuff used interchangeably. • 4k isn’t all the same. So the term 4k relate...
Richard Ricketts
3 years ago
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Roku Streaming Stick 4K review: Small refinements to a winning formula
Music fans and audio aficionados should note that the Streaming Stick 4K still lacks Dolby Atmos support, a feature found on its rivals as well as the Roku Ultra..The included voice remote is different from the $30 Roku Voice Remote Pro, which boasts a rechargeable battery and headphone jack for private listening
Eli Blumenthal
7 months ago
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Hi everyone, I have a Roku Streaming Stick+ that stopped connecting to the internet after I changed my Wi-fi password a few days ago. The wireless connection passes but then the internet connection fails and I get error 009: Unable to connect Internet. It does this for both the 2.4ghz and 5ghz networks. All other devices in my house connect just fine.
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Roku’s streaming stick goes full-on 4K with exciting results
While the Roku Streaming Stick+ has now been usurped by the newer Roku Streaming Stick 4K+, it's still a very good value for streaming sticks.
At around two years old, this was one of the first streaming device in the stick-shaped form factor to offer both 4K and HDR screen option, and offered a far...
53 years ago
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Roku Streaming Stick Plus Review | 2022 Roku Stick Plus Reviews
The Roku Streaming Stick has gone through a couple upgrades, and its most recent one added the “plus” to 4K. Whether you already have a past iteration or you want to get into the Roku family, we share our thoughts on the Roku Streaming Stick 4K Plus below. Let’s dive in.
Roku Streaming Stick 4K Plu...
Technical Support holding my Roku device hostage...I am returning it!
We bought this Roku Streaming Stick+ thinking that all we had to do was plug it in and follow instructions. WELL NO! We have a Samsung Smart tv with numerous HDMI slots. We tried ALL of them and the update on the Stick would not load! We kept getting a 005 Network Error. I chatted online with "Ray"....
4 years ago
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