Ricoh GR III

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  • Great for street photography
  • Compact and portable
  • Fixed prime lens with a 28mm equivalent focal length
  • Image quality is great, but not as good as the older models
  • Phase-detection is back


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Great camera if it fits your needs
Those interested in the Ricoh GR series of cameras know of its place in the industry. It's not your choice to shoot professional sports, it's not your choice to film cinematic video, it's not your choice when you want ultra high ISO performance, and it's not your choice if you need pinpoint tracking...
4 years ago
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The 6 Best Compact Cameras - Spring 2022
However, it's still decently comfortable to shoot with, and it's significantly lighter. That said, its screen is fixed, making it harder to compose shots from different angles, and it has disappointingly short battery life. Get the Fujifilm if you want a camera with more robust features, including a hybrid viewfinder, tilting screen, and better battery life
7 months ago
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Up close with the upcoming Travis lows. Shot for a sneaker blog and major collector. Pretty dope in person
Damn, that medial side all over would make for one incredibly fresh GR 👌
Thanks for sharing!
Best fixed prime lens cameras of 2021
If you want a more pocketable camera – or prefer a wider lens – then there's Ricoh's GR III. It has a 24MP APS-C sensor, 28mm F2.8 lens, in-body image stabilization and a hybrid AF system.
Image quality is good, autofocus quick in good light (or high contrast situations) and its controls (including ...
Digital Photography Review
2 years ago
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Pentax K-3 Mark III Review (+ comparison to Nikon D500) - DPReview TV
I had to think about my shots more. The Sony was smaller, gave me significantly better video, significantly higher hit-rate, and some other cool features, but I never felt engaged shooting with it. It felt like a tool more than something that made me feel passionate about shooting. I sold all of my Sony, bought a GR-iii and and invested more into film for now.
Ricoh GR IIIx Review
We've always seen cameras in the Ricoh GR series as niche options. The GRIIIx is the type of camera many photo geeks swoon over, but will leave normal people scratching their heads. That's OK—not everyone has to get the GR, but those who fall for the series tend to fall hard
Jim Fisher
4 months ago
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The Legacy Continues - Excellent Addition to the GR series
I was initially on the fence about this one, particularly with the increased price over previous models on launch, but due to the readdition of phase-detection (along with the standard contrast-detection) to the new hybrid AF system, I decided to take the plunge. My *only* gripe about the previous t...
4 years ago
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Every Day Carry: Cheap Phone + Pocket Camera vs Expensive Phone
I typically carry a Pixel 4a and a Ricoh GR III. The phone takes nice pictures, saves a "ProRaw" (i.e. large-dynamic-range computational raw, not the crappy actual raw capture of the sensor) next to every picture, and thanks to Android's clever shortcuts, can be ready to shoot in a second (double click the lock button to instantly start the camera, click the volume button to take picture. So much faster than the iPhone with its swipes and screen interactions).
This was probably the most exciting announcement of 2018 and I was super excited when this camera was released. Unfortunately the camera has some major issues that are inexcusable for it's price range. The Good: Great Central Sharpness (Equal to the Leica Q) with decent mid frame to corner sharpness...
3 years ago
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Known heating issue maybe a dealbreaker
The media could not be loaded. I needed a light travel camera as I was getting g tired of lugging around my D800 and after reading all of the glowing reviews of this camera I really, really wanted to like this camera but the overheating issue which seems to be a known issue prevents me from recommen...
Dave Shrestha
3 years ago
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