REI Co-op Passage 2

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  • Great for car camping, base camping and short backpacking trips
  • Durable build
  • Two doors and two vestibules with plenty of external gear storage
  • Internal livability is sacrificed for a simple X-shaped pole structure


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Best Budget Backpacking Tent of 2022 - GearLab
The REI Passage 2 is ideal for the committed car camper that takes the occasional weekend backpacking trip. The interior is spacious and comfortable. It comes outfitted with two large side doors that make it easy to use for two people. Its mesh canopy makes it a nice option for stargazing, while the...
9 months ago
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I just bought an REI co op e2.1 for commuting and I am extremely disappointed. I biked my 12 mile slight uphill commute first on my lightweight road bike and next on my new ebike a couple days later. I was shocked that Samsung Health recorded the same average speed of 13.4 mph and frustrated that I had to put in similar effort. It was difficult to get the ebike above 16mph and it seemed to cap the little assistance it gave at 18mph.
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2 Person Tent Recommendations
The REI Passage 2 has 2 doors and vestibules. It is only two poles to set up and relatively lightweight. I use it as a one person tent but I am 6'2" 235# so I needed a bigger tent. If you and your camp partner are on the smaller side it is a great tent with good sized vestibules for stowing gear and decent weight split between two people (less than 5 lbs.
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Switchback Travel | REI Co-op Passage 2 Tent Review
But again, the Passage wins out in value: for $55 less than the Tungsten, the REI also includes a footprint, doesn’t taper at one end (width decreases from 54 to 46 in. at the foot end with the Tungsten), and has a smaller packed size. All things considered, despite the tighter interior, we give the edge to the more well-rounded Passage
4 months ago
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Backpacking tent advice
I used an REI Passage 2 for a long while now. Very solid tent for the price.
REI Passage 2 Tent Review
Comparable Budget Backpacking TentsRecommendationThe REI Passage 2 Tent is a BEST BUY in my book and has quickly become my goto car camping tent when I want to a tent to crash in between day hikes on the road.
4 months ago
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Picked this Eureka 1p up at a gear swap for $12. How'd I do?
This is an amazing tent... I have the REI Co-Op 1-person tent and it's the same color. It blends in pretty well. Where are you going for your first trip?
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Two person backpacking tent recommendation
I have an REI Passage 2. I got it on sale for like 90 bucks. It's been a workhorse for me and is pretty light for it's size.
I will agree with the others, though, 100 is a tight budget for a new tent. May want to look for something used.
Gear Review: REI Passage 2 Tent - Trail to Peak
From REI:. The REI Passage 2 tent features a classic dome shape and offers a great value.
4 months ago
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Hey all. I have the REI Passage 2 purchased new this year.




Floor Area

31.8 square feet

Design Type


Packed Size

7.5 x 22 inches