Rega Planar 6


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Rega Planar 6

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Great value for the money
Reliable and upgradeable
Tonearm, dust cover, and aesthetics are praised
Longevity and durability
Superb sound quality
Not everyone may find it worth the price
Some may need to upgrade the cartridge or phono stage for optimal sound quality
Setup may require some patience and attention to detail


Overall, the Rega Planar 6 receives high praise for its value, performance, and longevity. Many reviewers recommend it as a reliable and upgradeable option in the turntable market. The tonearm, dust cover, and aesthetics are frequently mentioned as positives, while some suggest upgrading the cartridge or phono stage for even better sound quality. There are some mixed opinions on whether it is worth the price, but most agree that it is a solid investment for serious vinyl enthusiasts.


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