Rega Elys 2

Rega Elys 2

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Great synergy with Rega turntables and tonearms
Clear and precise sound quality
Relatively easy to set up
Neutral sound profile
Reasonably priced for a cartridge made in-house in the UK
Not removable stylus, entire cartridge must be replaced when stylus wears out
Some users have experienced electrical hum and quality control issues
Considered an entry-level cartridge and may not provide an audiophile experience for some users


The reviews for the Rega Elys 2 cartridge are mixed, with some users finding it to be a great value and a noticeable improvement over their previous cartridge, while others find it overpriced and mediocre. Some users have experienced issues with electrical hum and quality control. However, many users appreciate the synergy between the Elys 2 and Rega turntables and tonearms. Overall, the Elys 2 is considered an entry-level cartridge that may be suitable for those with entry-level setups, but may not provide an audiophile experience.


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Unit Count

1 Count


12 Volts

Model Name

Elys Mk2


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