Rapha Core

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  • Great for all types of riding
  • Hemless leg grippers
  • Pad is not as sophisticated as some
  • No reflectives
  • More affordable than other brands


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Rapha Core Cargo Bib Shorts review
Rapha punts the Core Cargos as a dependable pair of everyday bibs that will work for all types of riding, with the added bonus of pockets.
They’re also a more affordable version of Rapha’s high-end Cargo bib shorts (£195 / $270).
The obvious difference between these and their more expensive siblin...
3 months ago
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Rapha products are really bad with little to no value.
I don’t own any Rapha but 20 seconds of research shows they have a lifetime warranty *even including crash damage*. Sounds solid to me.
Speaking of Tim Horton's, what's the most terrible espresso you've ever had?
A place in Shoreditch, London, - called rapha, absolutely disgusting.
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Best Chamois
When you are purchasing Rapha--you are buying them for the patented Chamois. That is what they are known for. They have a design like no other that perfectly covers the sit bones. You won't find a more comfortable cycling bib. After 30 year of cycling they are my favorite by far.
1 year ago
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Cycling clothing
I tend to recommend Rapha Core jerseys to people. I think they're a great value for money and come in what I consider a slim club fit.
Rapha Core Jersey and Core Bib Shorts Review
Most premium cycling brands do their best kit exceptionally well. Rapha is no exception, delivering attention to detail, high material quality, and performance to boot. Doing the basics is a bit more complicated, and arguably more difficult. Do the Rapha Core Sleeve Jersey and Core Bib Shorts delive...
Rapha vs Assos winter jacket question
I’ve used the Rapha core jacket in temps down to -15 C and strong winds with a good thermal base layer. It’s been pretty great, but I also don’t mind the cold as much as some people.
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Rapha Core bibshorts review
For Good fit • Hemless leg grippers • Yoke bibs Against Pad is not as sophisticated as some • No reflectives Rapha launched its Core range a few years ago. It cuts down on fancy features to deliver the basics at a price comparable to other brands’ offerings.
At around half the price of Rapha’s ot...
3 months ago
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Premium comfortable bib shorts
Did a multi-day tour in Rapha Core bibs and had saddle sores by the end -- switched over to Ornot bibs immediately afterward and was able to keep doing long rides while the sores healed right up.
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Premium comfortable bib shorts
In no particular order, I love my Rapha core bibs and Velocio bibs. Did a 125 mile gravel ride in the rain on Sunday and felt comfortable. That was in a Rapha pro team bib, but I'm sure the core would be just as good.
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