Puma Deviate Nitro

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  • Great for runners
  • Weighs 9.1 oz (258 g) for a US M9
  • For most of
  • Shoe uses a nitrogen-infused PEBA-based foam


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Most comfortable shoe
Its great shoe for runners
Dr Parvez Khan
1 year ago
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Shoe of the Week: Puma Deviate Nitro
” The plate’s split shape seems to enhance the effect of the big toe in stabilizing and propelling the push-off. The split, curved carbon fiber plate in the Deviate Nitro Photo: Puma.
4 months ago
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The Deviate Nitro is by far the stabler shoe even though the nitro foam is softer than that of the Endorphin Pro. I believe the Deviate Nitro’s superior stability to that of the Endorphin Pro is aided by the heel clips in each shoe and thicker PumaGrip outsole.
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It would almost be too soft if not for the bottom layer of firmer EVA running from the heel to the forefoot acting as a mild stability agent. This prevents the shoe, especially the forefoot, from bottoming out when deep in a run. Longest distance I've taken it to is 12 miles, and it performed well but I did start getting sore feet at the end (could be due to [lack of] fitness). Another way to describe it is that the Nitro foam feels "spongy", but not overly-so to where it's enervating.
Puma deviate nitro elite (because I love the liberate nitro but the elite is so hard to get here and is out of stock everywhere in my size right now). 3.
Puma Deviate NITRO Performance Review » Believe in the Run
Puma Deviate NITRO Conclusion. THOMAS: I am not sure where the Deviate NITRO fits into the running shoe line up. It’s pitched as a long run shoe; if so, it’s a very lightweight model thanks to the supercritical foam (which is good)
4 months ago
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Adidas Boston 10 First impressions
First off, this shoe is enormous - the stack height and also the weight. I have a size 40,5 EU and it weighs 279g. To put this into perspective, some other "heavy" shoes in the same use category, same size:. NB Fuelcell TC: 245g, Puma Deviate Nitro: 242g.
Puma Deviate Elite - The Shoe Drops Continue
Fit is perfect for me in the half size down. I like a snug fit and it is a racer. There is still some space in front of the toes and the width feels secure. The shoe really does feel quite similar to the standard Deviate Nitro but much lighter.
Endorphin Pro+ -They're a top tier racer!
I know the midsole platform is the same, but they really do feel like the springiest incantation of Pwrrun PB due to the upper updates. It really is an awesome balance at shorter distances where you get that super shoe propulsion and protection, but also that really quick turnover and a firm enough ride that doesn't feel too soft or unstable. I'd put these in the top S tier of super shoes now, having tried almost all of them. They join the Vaporfly Next%, Metaspeed Sky, Fuelcell RC Elite v2, and Deviate Nitro Elite.
Puma Deviate Nitro Elite Review: Puma’s Flagship Carbon Racer Impresses
The outsole is not the same excellent PUMAGRIP material found on the other Nitro shoes, but a stripped-back version of this called PUMAGRIP LT, and it is still impressive for finding traction through tight turns on wet roads.If you already have a carbon shoe, or multiple carbon shoes, in your arsenal, the Deviate Nitro Elite is not so amazing it’s worth splashing out another chunk of money on it (unless you really want all the carbon shoes).
4 months ago
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Puma Deviate Nitro


8 mm


Road, track