Poseidon Redwood

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  • Great for beginners
  • Solid components for the price
  • Easy handling
  • Good value for money
  • Comfortable


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Poseidon Redwood vs. Salsa Journeyman vs. State All Road  | Bike Commuter Hero
Final Thoughts: Which Gravel Bike Should You Choose? These bikes are all in the same relative price range, so if you’re buying a bike based on budget, any of these bikes will give you a safe, fun ride to try your hand or legs at a little bit of gravel. If you are a mountain biker at heart and want to expand into the gravel scene, you may like the Poseidon Redwood best. It has gearing you’re familiar with and is designed to manage some pretty gnarly terrain (without the stump-jumping, of course
2 months ago
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$2k vs $1k gravel bike - first time purchasing a bike!
If you think you'll upgrade the components on a new bike you haven't bought yet, it's better to just spend more on a higher spec bike if your finances allow. I set a $1000 USD budget for my gravel bike and bought the Poseidon Redwood. If it was my primary bike, I would have spent more on a better spec bike, but I mainly ride mountain bikes and I'm happy saving the money for my other interests.
Poseidon Redwood....first impressions are pretty much what I've read in most reviews. Frame is nice, paint job is fragile.
Poseidon Graveling in Austin
Poseidon Redwood on the Wells Branch Greenbelt at Mills Pond. Really starting to get this bike dialed in. Adjustable stem really helped figure out that I like a lot of rise on my bars. Best purchase I've made to get a comfy fit.
Topstone 3 Alloy vs Poseidon X?
I've got the MicroSHIFT AdventX on a Poseidon Redwood, and upgraded an old Specialist hybrid with one. I'm blown away by the performance and range.
[NBD] State All-Road
If you want a GREAT beginner bike - this, or the Poseidon Redwood are the top in my opinion. If you’re considering a bike, or just have questions I can take closer pics (because they don’t have a lot on the website) or let you know how it all works.
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Poseidon Redwood
Just went on my first ride on the Poseidon Redwood and I LOVE this bike. It’s been a good 2-3 years since I’ve ridden and when I did, it was on a 1980-something Huffy 10-Speed road bike.
Topic of the Week -- Bike Builds and Maintenance
Just recently got into gravel riding and purchased a Poseidon Redwood. I’m looking for some more light trail centered tires. The tires the bike comes with are way too mountain bike style and beefy for me. Looking for something a little more akin to light trails and suburban roads for now.
Dialing in the Redwood
Newly arrived Poseidon Redwood. Just took her on a shakedown ride on some local dirt. I swapped in some used maxxis tires to complete the tubeless setup and added a 100mm dropper post. Bike felt super stable on chunky descents.
Saved for months for a State 4130 in Hunter Green, really disappointed so far with quality
I have a Topstone 105 and a Poseidon Redwood and I am very pleased with the budget State All-Road 4130. It’s a great bike for the price.
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