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  • Great for the price
  • Graphics are amazing
  • So many cool features, graphics, and is buttery smooth
  • Loads fast
  • Installs games super quick


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My wife let me buy a PS5!!
I wish Sony would let me buy a PlayStation 5.
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Bad bussiness practices
Sony has really dropped the ball on this console. Could've just made a list of who wanted one, then slowly but surely filled out all those orders. Instead, they do small limited drops to retailers, encouraging people to buy one every chance they can and resell them for a huge profit at the expense o...
Ethan Vanzant
1 year ago
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Love it
So far am loving it...have had every system except the 4 and never really been disappointed in any of them so far. The only thing have ever had a complaint about is the fact you have to start over buying games everytime other than with the ps2. I think they should make every system, playstation xbox...
8 days ago
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The next PS5 restock will likely be the last one for a while
It's been a week since the last PS5 restock, with little indication of when the next drop might be. In its most recent earnings report (PDF), Sony made it clear that semiconductor shortages would further restrict the number of consoles that can be produced right now. This means the reduction in avai...
Russell Holly
7 months ago
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Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition sees PC release today: "We’re confident PC players will fall in love with Aloy and her world. Then, when Horizon Forbidden West arrives for PlayStation 5 and it’s time to find out where Aloy’s journey takes her next, we invite them to join along!"
>Then, when Horizon Forbidden West arrives for PlayStation 5 and it’s time to find out where Aloy’s journey takes her next, we invite them to join along!"
no thanks sony
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We are excited
My dog is very excited to get the PS 5 after a whole year of waiting!!!
1 year ago
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Very happy with the graphics and the controller
I didn't want to pay some eBay scalper a premium for a PS5, so few months ago I signed up for an "invitation" to buy one from Amazon at retail. I figured I had a slim chance of actually getting a PS5, but I could wait. Fast forward a few months and I was happy to see an invitation from Amazon! I am ...
Brett C.
22 days ago
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Paid membership is required to order
The Sony PlayStation 5 comes and goes fast, with high demand at each and every restock opportunity.
Antonio G. Di Benedetto
7 months ago
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I hope someone hasn't already created it like this
I don't see apple seriously competing in either space - economical corporate computers or high performance desktop gaming computers. Furthermore Microsoft has a more than 2 decade R&D and market saturation lead with DirectX, which is why all game developers and studios write for Windows first. If you want to play the games as a Mac user your best option is to simply buy a PlayStation 5 or new Xbox. Yes there are a handful of new titles available for Mac, but you're always going to be tortured by the seemingly endless library of AAA titles on Windows that your system can't run.
Update: Tekken 8 Producer feels it's 'unfair' how capable the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are compared to PC for the price
Updated on September 23, 2022: Katsuhiro Harada clarified on Twitter that he didn't actually use the strong word "unfair" in the IGN interview. "For someone like me (hobbyist of PC builds), I just said, 'PS5 & XBOXSX have a good balance between price & performance (darn!)'" wrote Harada on Twitter. ...


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