Platinum Plaisir

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  • Great for the price
  • Metallic body with a plastic core
  • Slender and sturdy feel
  • Dryer than an almost empty ballpoint pen
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Pilot Metropolitan (1.6) vs. Platinum Plaisir (4.5) ~~~~ Special Bonus: Review of Other's Reviews
Body: Both have a metallic body with a plastic core. However, the metropolitan has a more sturdy feel and slimmer body than the Plaisir. (Metro 1 - Plaisir 0) Weight: The metropolitan is heavier, especially the cap, therefore when posting (i.e. placing the cap on the end of the pen) the metropolitan...
5 years ago
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Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen Review — The Pen Addict
I have been very happy with the Plaisir and it will continue to see frequent use. (JetPens is an advertiser on The Pen Addict and I received this product at no charge. )
4 months ago
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Platinum Prefounte : starter pen for people who are on the edge about fountain pens
I'm convinced Platinum Prefounte is \_the\_best starter pen out there. The writing experience is second to none, the feed is exceptionally reliable, the pen doesn't dry out forever. Pilot Metro might be better if you are a fan of thin lines and get the Pilot F nib, but the dryout times are much worse and the feed might need priming from time to time, which sometimes will result in unfortunate squirt inkcidents.
1 year ago
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Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen Review — PASTOR AND PEN
Since then, I’ve purchased a Procyon, along this model, the Plaisir, and I’m impressed. The Plaisir isn’t Platinum’s entry-level pen.
4 months ago
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The Plaisir's nib turned out to be a little wet. Coupled with HoD, the pen gushed out of control on office copy paper almost all the time. I think my dad got a negative experience and hasn't used the pen in a long time. (Fwiw, the slip and seal cap kept the HoD from drying out.
1 year ago
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Old Reliables: The Platinum Preppy and Plaisir? — The Gentleman Stationer
What tends to get lost in the shuffle is that of the “Big Three,” Platinum probably makes the widest array of low-cost pens. Two models, the Preppy and the Plaisir, regularly find their way onto various “Best First Fountain Pen” lists, and for good reason.
Platinum Plaisir in Silver, from Pen Chalet
Summary. The Platinum Plaisir is an attractive, affordable, well-made fountain pen; and if the nib I had was a good example of Platinum’s quality control, then you can color me very impressed indeed
Beginner Fountain Pen
Pilot Metropolitan would be a good choice. My other recommendations would be Lamy Safari, Kaweco Sport, Pilot Prera and Platinum Plaisir. Go with whichever of those you think she'd like the most based on design and size; they're all nice pens.
1 year ago
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Platinum: Plaisir (vs Preppy)
And ahh, the scandalous parents So in conclusion, both the Plaisir and the Preppy are good writers, and if you are a starter on fountain pens and don’t want to invest more than 20 SGD on a nice functional pen, the Platinum Plaisir is the way to go. And if you’re really broke, there is still a 4 SGD Preppy at your disposal. I might just mention that both use Platinum cartridges which come in various ink colours like blue, green, black, brown, pink, etc
4 months ago
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feeling guilty for wanting plastic bodied pens
Single use plastics are definitely a problem, because they outlive their usefulness so quickly. However, if you're really opposed to plastics, check out the Platinum Plaisir. It does have a plastic cartridge and section, but the rest of the pen is lightweight aluminum.
1 year ago
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