Pilot Custom Heritage 912

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  • Great for flex nibs
  • Comfortable in the hand
  • Well balanced and a nib that is tuned to perfection
  • A great addition to any fountain pen collection
  • Ink feed really needs a wetter-flowing or lubricated ink to function


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Pen Review: Pilot Custom 912 Waverly Nib
Indeed they do. I have been writing consistently with the 912 since before Christmas (Merry Christmas to me!) and the pen performs flawlessly. My previous experience with a Pilot Custom 74 F was not as successful partially because of the softness of the nib and the angle of my writing
4 months ago
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Thinking about getting a dedicated pen for shimmer ink. Recommendations?
I own one myself and enjoy it very much. They are completely worry free when it comes to cleaning. Thickness is a bout a western B nib. If you prefer a fountain pen, I also recommend FPR flex nibs and the pilot 912 fa nib.
1 year ago
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Pilot Custom Heritage 912 with FA Nib: A Review — The Pen Addict
This is a keeper. I purchased my Pilot Custom Heritage 912 with the FA nib through Amazon for $155.37
4 months ago
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The INK Matters
This Pilot CH 912 with FA ("Falcon") Nib flexes with almost no effort, and is exactly what I was hoping for. However -- the flex nib is very thirsty, and the ink feed really needs a wetter-flowing or lubricated ink to function. With my first few tries (with regular ink), the pen skipped, railroaded,...
6 years ago
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I’m in love with the Pilot 912
So, there you have it. The Pilot Custom Heritage 912 FA.
4 months ago
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Pen Review: Pilot Custom Heritage 912 with PO Nib — The Gentleman Stationer
Dare I say that the Pilot Custom Heritage 912 with a PO nib might be the “ultimate note-taking pen” for those of us that like to cram as much writing as possible onto a page? This workhorse might not be flashy, but it showcases the best of what Pilot has to offer nib-wise.
Amazing Pen
Like the majority of Pilot pens I own, the Custom Heritage 912 Waverley nib has a great design, is comfortable in the hand, well balanced and a nib that is tuned to perfection. It is a great addition to any fountain pen collection and I absolutely love mine.
Lisa Pottinger on Sep 19
53 years ago
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Pen Review: Pilot Custom Heritage 912 with FA Nib
Despite the problems with the ink flow on this pen, I have to say that this 912 with the FA nib is easily my favorite Pilot pen experience thus far. It’s probably not the pen I would turn to for a daily carry pen, or for taking notes at work (although I have used it for that). Instead, this is the pen I reach for when I want to take the time to write a nice letter to a friend or loved one
4 months ago
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The “flex nib” I’ve been looking for!
I’ve been doing some research… snipe hunting. I did try a few options, then watched your YouTube piece on flex nib - the FA caught my eye and I went for it. Ignoring the CON-70 (which I have replaced with a CON-40 - with your guidance), I LOVE THIS.
I have some “fancy” pens and this setup is ste...
Leo E.
5 months ago
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Nothing New Day! Modern Flex, Birmingham Ink & White Lightning ink additive (details in comments)
In general, I really enjoy it. The body is lightweight but feels solid and nicely finished. It’s a full size pen, but not oversized. Feels really good in my hand and is very comfortable to write with.
5 months ago
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Product Dimensions

0.62 x 5.51 x 0.62 inches

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Point Type

Waverley Nib