Pax Pamir 2e

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  • Great for fans of Pax Pamir 2E
  • King is Dead (AKA the King of Siam)
  • There's a rule in Pax Pamir that encapsulates its genius
  • Message or playability
  • In 1823 marked the fall of Durrani Empire


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A great game about The Great Game
There's a rule in Pax Pamir that encapsulates its genius. "Players are free to discuss the game during play and explicitly coordinate their actions. However, any agreed-upon deal should be considered non-binding." In other words, double-crossing is allowed! Pax Pamir puts you in the mind of an Afgha...
2 years ago
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27 - Pax Pamir 2e - Married and Board
In our “What’s Up?” segment, we talked about the game we preordered this week called The Initiative. Take a look at the description and the video below. The Initiative Here is the game featured in this episode: Pax Pamir, Second Edition. Isn’t the map board great? It is definitely a beautiful game t...
3 months ago
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What game have you come to peace with never being able to own?
And we do not like adding AIs that we need to constantly babysit, or have that lingering feeling that we're not getting the full experience for these games. We love Pax Pamir 2e but even that game isn't best at 2p. I love what Cole Werhle does, but hate the fact that we'll never fully enjoy his games. It's a shame.
Jeff DeBoer, head of Funagain games, posts misogynist attack on Jess Cassady
In the past I have been fairly vocal about the fact that while I think Pax Pamir 2e is awesome and that Cole Wehrle seems like a really interesting, thoughtful designer who gives a shit, I just don't have much interest in any of the other Pax games because Phil is downright problematic. I mean lets be real here, who honestly is shocked that Phil Eklund has trash views like this??
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Why is your favorite board game, your favorite board game?
Pax Pamir 2e. \- Because it's the only game where I end up in a (good type of) panic from the very first action I take all the way until somebody wins. It creates a constant feeling of paranoia that another player has noticed something critical that you haven't spotted. It feels like a bluffing game despite being almost completely open information (and the hidden information is hidden equally from everybody, nobody can hold a secret from others) or a chaotic multiplayer game of chess that's higly reliant on manipulating other players.
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Highly Recommend... Great Game! Heavy but shorter, simple yet complex...
I have been playing hobby board games for 5 years now and have amassed a collection of nearly 100 of my favorites. This game is currently my favorite game I've played! The decision space is tight and engaging, the play time is very reasonable for this weight of game, and with changing loyalties play...
Cameron Adams
2 years ago
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What are your top 5 most aesthetically-pleasing games?
Pax Pamir 2E - cloth map, great resin pieces, beautiful cards. Modern Art (Korean edition) - great art on cards, large gavel, and heavy coins (although not stackable). Oath - great neoprene map with Kyle Ferrin art, cards have amazing art and all the cards are unique.
What are your thoughts on Cole Wehrle games?
I've decided that I will blindly buy any Cole Wehrle game. Pax Pamir 2e was GotY for me, Oath is one of the most fun games I've ever played I'm closing in on ~50 plays on TTS, can't wait for the physical copy.
Tight game of multiplayer conflict
This is a tableau building game, in the vein of Race for the Galaxy or Glory to Rome. It also has a map attached with connection between cards and map. But everything you do is to the benefit or detriment of your opponents. Set in the era of the "Great Game" between Russian and Britain in post Napol...
3 years ago
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Kickstarters that have exceeded your expectations?
**: Tiny small box with HUGE gameplay and variability. Solo players with interest in party synergies, absurd replayability and tactical combat should *not* overlook this one. **Pax Pamir 2E**: Cole Wehrle redux, for a remake of my favorite series in boardgaming. Also obvious why it's in this list.
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