Ninjutso Origin One X

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  • Great for gaming
  • Battery life is good
  • Wireless mouse with receiver and receiver extender included
  • Shape is inspired by the Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0
  • Type-C cable slot is narrow and deep


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Solid mouse, not just for gaming.
I've been using this mouse for a good few months and it is great. Pros -Battery Life: I sometimes forget to turn off the mouse for couple days and come back surprised that it is still working. -Wireless: comes with a receiver and receiver extender. -Wire: Usb A to C. Paracord style, but the wire ins...
6 months ago
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Ninjutso Origin One X
Ninjutso Origin One X is a right-handed, wireless gaming mouse with a solid plastic shell and two side buttons on the left. Shape-wise, it's heavily inspired by the original Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0, but according to the manufacturer, it's slightly smaller to make it more accessible
Olivier Martin
4 months ago
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Logitech and other mouse companies are using switches rated for 5v/10mA at 3.3v/1mA, this leads to premature failure.
Ninjutso - Origin One X. Endgame Gear - XM1 RGB / XM1R. Asus - Rog Keris Wireless or any of the 2020 and later rog mice actually have a hot-swap feature similar to custom keyboards so you can swap the switches out for personal preference, essentially bypassing the double click issue by just popping it out and putting a new one in instead of soldering.
Ninjutso's killer combo of poor build quality and even worse support:
The Origin One X (especially the early copies) had an insanely tight housing for the USB-C cable to fit into. When I first got it I genuinely thought the cable was plugged in all the way and it just wasn't. The updated copies fixed the fitment issue with the plastic housing, but the connection is still significantly more "snug" (i.e., requires more pressure to seat the connector fully) compared to most other USB-C mice I've had.
Destroying w/ the Ninjutso Origin One X ($79 Wireless Ergo Gaming Mouse)
And I got to give it to Ninjutso., Like I haven't, had any performance issues with this mouse.
Too Much Tech
4 months ago
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I can't plug in a magnetic cable.
I have no complaints about its lightness and easy-to-hold shape. However, there is one point that I would like to see improved. The type-c cable slot is narrow and deep, so some cables cannot be plugged in. I can't use a magnetic cable to make charging easier. I used a translation tool, so I apologi...
Motoki Hayashibe
1 year ago
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My Review of the Vaxee Outset AX
I think its a solid mouse, the build quality is brilliant, and other companies should take note of Vaxee giving shapes their own twist and not just copying whatever everyone else is doing. Thanks for reading my review, it may not have been the best when compared to some others but I just wanted to give it a go. If people like this I do have a Ninjutso Origin One X on Pre-order so I would happily give it a review once it arrives. I tried to not go over the same things most other reviewers have said and give a different take on things.
1 year ago
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Quick Review of the Ninjutso Origin One X Retail : My New Main
The side buttons are located perfectly above my thumb and the grooves on both sides of the mouse allow my fingers to rest nicely. The overall build quality is great, I can shake this thing like a madman and there’s no rattling and when squeezing, I can’t get it to flex and creak.
My two mains (BT.L Gretxa, Ninjutso Origin One X)
Side buttons are easily accessible even with my giant hands. I don’t think the default mouse feet are PTFE, the Origin 1 X mouse feet glide much smoother and have much less resistance. Currently looking for mousefeet I could use to replace these current ones. I didn’t have any of the problems out the box that other people seemed to have like a rattling inside or uneven mouse feet.
1 year ago
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Like a ninja..
.. it’s light, quick, and accurate. This mouse is stupidly nice. I play games from shooters all the way to top down rpgs and this mouse is smooth and super accurate for all of them. There’s no jumping when you move the mouse in small circles.. so dpi is noice! Took a chance on this mouse and do not ...
Bryan V. Cordova
9 months ago
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Product Dimensions

4.78 x 2.28 x 1.57 inches


1 Lithium ion batteries required.

Hardware Platform


Operating System

Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10