Nikon D40

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  • Great for beginners
  • Clear photo quality
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Good for travel photography
  • Not a DSLR


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A fantastic camera at a price no one can come close to!
I did a lot of research for some time before I picked this one. (I looked into a DSLR camera for a full year.) I knew going into this that there were several "down" sides to the D40. I know about the limited choice of lenses. I know that I can't have a bunch of flashes set up like a studio. I know t...
Yossi's Mom
16 years ago
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I recently got a nikon d40 camera but the different lens out there (both branded and others) but the abbreviations has me looking cross-eyed. I know my camera is an F mount and 52mm threaded. But im looking for a decent zoom lens because I take almost exclusively wildlife pictures.
* 70-300/4.5.6 AF-S VR. There'll be other numbers and abbreviations but those are the main ones you're looking for. Avoid anything AF-P and E. The D40 is a great little camera. That's the one I started out with and I'm still impressed with how well it performs when I hand it off to a kid to shoot with so they'll leave me and my fancy camera alone.
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Nikon D40 digital SLR review
So if you're, a beginner you to the world of digital SLR or want to learn a bit more about photography, this is an ideal camera for you to check out how it performs in practice against its rivals and find out more about those lens issues that I Mentioned a moment ago, please check out our full review at WWF's.
Gordon Laing
3 months ago
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D40 is the best DSLR for the money!
I bought my D40 as an upgrade to a D50, which was my first DSLR. The D40 lacks a few features the D50 had. Most important the D40 can't focus early (Non-AF-S version) lenses. Also the D40 lacks of a top status window and dedicated buttons for ISO and White Balance found on the older D50. Obviously N...
J. Davis
15 years ago
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What is Ken Rockwell on
Over the years I've found his information on lenses the most helpful online. This was especially true when I was starting out with Nikon when I got my D40 and there weren't that many affordable offerings and I would try to find cheaper old lenses on eBay.
Great camera, only one (software-related) complaint
I guess I'm a member of the target audience for this camera --- it is my first SLR. As such, I have so far relied on its automatic settings for most of my photos. The photo quality has impressed me quite a bit. There is no comparison to my point-and-shoot digital camera. The camera is also extremely...
15 years ago
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A good point and shoot for a four year old
I would consider a Nikon D40. It’s not a point and shoot but it sells for under $100 on ebay with a kit lens and to her it wont be any different than your D3300. Its also an absolute tank and is just as durable, if not more durable than any P&S. In auto mode its very easy to use.
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Amazing camera
I have had two digital point and shoot cameras and a 1980's 35mm SLR with four lenses. I am thrilled with the picture quality of my D40. This camera is small, lightweight, and very comfortable in my hand. I do have somewhat small hands, which are well suited to the D40. The construction quality is f...
Ron Lheureux
15 years ago
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Nikon D40 absolutely rocks! Best buy for the money!
The Nikon D40 is the camera for you, whether you are a beginner just getting into the D-SLR world or are an avid photographer. I was new to the photography world when I spent months comparing camera after camera. I chose Nikon not only for its great reputation, but also the features, price, reliabil...
Shannon C. Pierce
13 years ago
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Outstanding camera and lens, great value
Wow. I've had this camera and lens for two days, and I love it already. It is my first DSLR, so I can't compare it to others. I got into photography eighteen years ago, with a Canon AE-1 Program, then bought a Nikon N6006 a couple years later. I used that N6006 all over the place and for all kinds o...
D. Gardner
15 years ago
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