Nikon D3000

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  • Great for beginners
  • Not good for professional photographers
  • D3000 is Nikon's worst camera ever
  • You can get 3rd party flashes, like


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Nikon d3000 good price for 100$ !
The D3000 is arguably Nikon’s worst camera ever. Even so, it was $600 new _twelve_ years ago, so $100 today is still a ripoff. On top of that, it is not capable of video.
Pass on the D3000 unless it’s free.
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Nikon D3000 Review
My new camera hope you hope you found that interesting um, let's smell the camera, because I didn't smell the camera yet smells like fortune cookies, no, not because it's made in China, but because I just had fortune cookies with my lunch, really um. So that's why yeah interesting I'll play with it we'll see what we think of a refurbished camera I'll, see how I don't even know why it would be refurbished.
Jared Polin
3 months ago
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Help choosing between Nikon D3500 and D7500
The difference in image quality is small or non- existent, but the 3000 series is really lacking in controls and sturdy construction. This is important if you're shooting fast at events, but the D3000 series is fine for a studio shooter- if it is not too small for your hand. The D5600 would be a great compromise.
Nikon D3000 review
So all in all, the D 3000 is ideal for beginners something used buying their very first dears alarm, but while it can delight these users, it can also frustrate those more experienced owners.
Gordon Laing
3 months ago
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Beginner looking for a film camera that is good in the dark.
I'm surprised you can't get SD cards for the D3000. Look for the slower, smaller, and cheaper ones and you should be able to.get what you need. Anything up to, and including, a 32GB SDHC will be fine, although you won't get the fastest read and write speeds they can offer.
Thoughts on D3000
The D3000 is easily a 12 year old camera that may have been $400 brand new in 2009. It is true that you can learn on something at this level (I learned on its predecessor the D40) but please don't pay over $150 for it WITH the kit lens included. If you want Sony, Canon, Nikon etc, I would try them out from friends or camera shops and go from there. Even if its used, each brand has their way of doing things that you may like or not.
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Is 45k shutter count a good purchase for a nikon d3000?
The D3000 is an entry level camera. It might be possible to buy a much better semi pro grade camera that’s a little older for much the same price. The D7100 or D7000 might be a tiny bit more but is a much better option. They have the in body screw drive focus which means it’s possible to use the older screw drive lenses which are by and large considerably cheaper.
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A great camera for someone with picture taking ability!
Purchased this for my daughter, who actually can use a film 35 mm, knows how to develop the film and has probably taken over 1000 selfies with her cell phone! She loves the camera! Myself, I have a camera that does all the work for my and can still cut off heads, miss the target completely, etc! As ...
Janet Merritt
9 years ago
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The camera does the work for you
This has been a great camera that is fun to use. I upgraded from a coolpix and I wouldn't ever go back for taking quality pictures on my own time. I'm not much of a camera junky and I couldn't tell you megapixels and brand comparisons. I'm simply someone who wants to take better pictures and really ...
Ben T
12 years ago
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Picked up a new puppy and an old D3000. I wanted to get into DSLR so picked this up from eBay for £45. I know it’s Old and very basic, but promised if I get good at this I will invest in a better model
Handling speed and AF performance are night and day though. When you out grow the features and controls of the D3000, that’s when you’ll need a new body.
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D3000 18-55mm Kit



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Compact SLR

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