Nikon D3

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  • Great for beginners
  • Camera is heavy
  • No go lines and zones
  • Saves an immense amount of hassle
  • You'll be kicking yourself if you cancel the order


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Roomba 675 or Neato D3? Which is better????
The D3 is a smart navigation robot with no go lines and zones. Saves an immense amount of hassle with places it would get stuck, and it also can clean much larger areas more reliably. You'll be kicking yourself if you cancel the order.
You need a week to adapt to this new / old Nikon D3 . I did jump to the wrong conclusion....SORRY !.
Because this camera used . The buttons is hard use . The reason I’m holding on to this Nikon DLSR the Megapixels isn’t that high and when it works it’s great so that my computer has a rest from the other digital Cameras. Yes it’s a beast but I will work with it. The Nikon D3 is a beast but this used...
Carlos Byron
3 years ago
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Nikon D3s Hands-on Review Video -
We say that Nikon d3s is a very good camera, but is it really worth an upgrade, especially for d3 users? Well answer is that, yes, it is with the additional of the video function.
DigitalRev TV
3 months ago
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Any games similar to Minecraft Dungeons or Diablo 3?
For me, Diablo 2 is just objectively better than D3 in essentially every way, so I'd recommend that. It's one of the best LAN games of all time and is very easy to learn but hard to master.
Excellent Camera
I am not a professional, and I waited two years after my purchase to validate my initial conviction. And, surely I have no regret or any disappointment with the D3 investment. It delivers the quality, functionalities, and dependability as advertised. Coupled with your skill, you can have it work wit...
Paul Huang
12 years ago
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Did you also hate dental school? Would you ever donate to them if they ask you? Any memories you want to share?
Fuck dental school. Everything you said I feel the same. The cherry on top of the shit pie, is that our Cost of Attendance has gone up nearly $100k from what it was when I applied to school. (I’m now a D3)
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Reflections on Nikon D3
Superb camera and superb optics. How can I go back into the darkroom after using this camera? Admittedly, it is does get a little heavy after a time, but that a small price to pay for the results. While I have not used a comparable Canon and it may just as good as the Nikon, the fact is nothing on t...
Vermont Lover
11 years ago
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Metal utensils on All-clad SS
I’ve had the D3 for about 6 months and I use it often and I haven’t had any issues using metal utensils with it. My favorite pan btw. Great purchase.
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It's a Nikon...need I say more???
There is little I can say that will do this camera justice. Simply stated, it's the camera to end all cameras. Being a 20-year experienced amateur photo hound, there isn't anything I would change about this camera. What I like most is the max 1/8000th sec shutter speed and 6400+ ASA/ISO equivalent f...
14 years ago
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Calphalon Signature Stainless Steel 10-piece VS All-Clad D3 10-piece
imo the handle issue with all-clad is very overblown, but the addition of pouring lips on the saucepans is definitely welcome. Either version of the D3 is certainly a step up from Calphalon


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